Asked Feb 18, 2020

Transfer of intellectual property work product and Performance evaluation how both of them related to organization improvement.


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Step 1

Proprietary information in the organization like Verzon is generally trade secret or patent or distribution process.

One such issue faced by Verzon was the secret of offering heavy data speeds in high capacity areas and peak hours which was best known to them and had been replicated by competitors like Te-Mobile and Srint.

Step 2

As results lawsuit was filed for patents been disregarded by competition and adopting a similar framework of Verzon.

Solution to address such issues:

SSL 552 encryption of documents
Blockchain methodology to keep confidentiality of information
Cybersecurity teams and strong firewall network.

Step 3

Performance evaluation

An employer cannot discriminate when conducting performance evaluations. A performance evaluation is a process where a manager evaluates the individual on their ability to su...

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