Asked Apr 11, 2019

 Transform the grammar with productions

S → baAB,

A → bAB|λ,

B → BAa |Aλ

into Chomsky normal form.


Expert Answer

Step 1

A context free grammar is in Chomsky normal form if its productions are in the form

A → a or A → BC or S → ε where a is a terminal and A, B, C are non-terminals.

 In the first step we will remove λ-productions as removing A → λ, we get

S → baAB|baB

A → bAB|bB

B → BAa|A|Ba

Step 2

In the next step, we will remove B → λ, we get
S → baAB|baB|baA|ba
A → bAB|bB|bA|b
B → BAa|A|Ba|Aa|a

Step 3

Now, remove the unit-production as B → A, we get

 S → baAB|baB|baA...

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