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Two long, parallel transmission lines, 4.0 cm apart, carry
1.0-A and 3.0-A currents. Find all locations where the net magnetic field
of the two wires is zero if these currents are in (a) the same direction
and (b) the opposite direction.


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Step 1

Figure shows the two long parallel transmission lines 4 cm apart carrying i1 and i2 currents. Let x be the distance from i1 conductor.


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f-.- 4 cm =1A =3A

Step 2

Here, µo is the permeability of free space, i is current and r is distance from the conductor to imagined point. Magnetic field (B) due to a straight wire, is given by


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В Мi В - 2лr

Step 3


Let at distance x from a 1 A wire, the net magnetic field is zero if currents in the ...


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В, 3 В, М.i 2л(4 — х) 2лх (1A) (3А) 4-х х 4 -х %3 3х х%3D1 сm х%3D(4-1) сm %33 ст


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