Use a calculator to find the following. Round your answers to four decimal places. 



cot 390 degree

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Trigonometric Ratios

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A: Terminal side of θ lies along the line y = -3x in quadrant 4.

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A: Given,            y = 2 cosx2-π8+1

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Q: Which of the following is not in the domain of cot(x)?

A: We know that,                          The domain of cot (x) is all real number except x ≠ ....-2π,-...

Q: Find the component form of v, where w = i + 2j. v = 5/6w   Sketch the vector

A: v=56wv=56(i+2j)v=56i+53jv=56,53   So the component form of v is 56,53.    

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A: Given, y=2+cos3x-π2

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A: the given function is,sinx+π4

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Q: Use a calculator to find each of the following (round to four decimal places):     cosec (-267.3)  0

A: To find value of csc-267.3°

Q: Use the unit circle and the fact that sine is an odd function to find each of the following:        ...

A: Evaluate: sin-3π4

Q: 90. (sin 0- cos 0) - 1= -2 sind cos 0 o€) 1=-2 sin & cos 0 COS

A: Given: sinθ−cosθ2−1=−2sinθcosθ We have to prove the given identity. Identity used: sin2θ+cos2θ=1

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A: Given∠A=42∘,  ∠BDC=53∘, AB=13 , DB=11 and AC=x+y

Q: Identify if the identy is correct. tan(u - 3pi/4) = (-1 +tanu)/(1 + tanu)

A: The given identity is: tan u-3π4=(-1+tanu)(1+tanu) Let's take L.H.S we have: tanu-3π4 We can use the...

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A: According to the question, we have to change the expression csc θ-cot θ·cosθ in terms of sin θ and c...

Q: Simplify the expression   x2 + 1  as much as possible after substituting cot(θ) for x. (Assu...

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Q: can you help me with this please?

A: tant &amp; t lies in quadrant III.

Q: name the reference angle in both degrees and radians

A: (a) The given angle is 30°. For angle of measure 30° to be drawn in standard position, its vertex sh...

Q: For the function f(x) = sec.x, which of the following are not possible values of f(x)? c %3D

A:   We know that,                         The range of f(x) = sec(x) is (-∞,-1] ∪ (1,∞].  

Q: Multiply (x2-y²)(x² +y?) using the distributive property and combine like terms. Generalize the patt...

A: To multiply:

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Q: Plz

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Q: How do I solve this problem

A: Given information: h cot19+h cot21=600