Use elimination to solve the system of equations
이3 7_6
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Use elimination to solve the system of equations 이3 7_6

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Equations and In-equations

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Q: f(x)=(x-3)^2-1 find the x-intercepts

A: To find x intercepts we have to plug f(x)=0 

Q: How do you solve this?

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Q: 5. Consider the function f(x) = 2x-5x+12. Evaluate and SIMPLIFY each of the following expressions an...

A: Consider the below function

Q: Solve the following system of equations by using matrices x+y-2z=9 x-y+z=-4 x+y-z=6

A: Given system of equation is

Q: Given the points (1,2) and (8, 128) a. Find a linear function of the form y ax b that goes through t...

A: to get the equations for values of a and b.

Q: circle final solution

A: To determine a function to represent the population of bat after t years and the percentage rate of ...

Q: 3x+9=5

A: solve for x.

Q: Find the average rate of change of f from 3 to 8. f(x)=-2x^2+4x

A: Given function is

Q: Solve the system of equations by using matrices  2x+y-2z=-1 2x-y+z=-3 x+2y-2z=1

A: Given:

Q: For each quadratic function below use the method of completing the square or averaging the intercept...

A: Part (a):Consider the quadratic function y = x2-4x+9, use the method of completing the square to rew...

Q: Use a graphing utility to graph f and g in the same viewing window. Approximate the point of interse...

A: Given:

Q: The population of a pigeons in a city is 150 and is growing exponentially at 10% per year. Write a f...

A: Consider f(t) represents the numbers of pigeons at time t (in years).Given: The initial population o...

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given problem:

Q: x2 +17x-56  Can be factored into (x+ ___)(x-___)

A: x2 +17x-56 Can be factored into (x+ ___)(x-___)It is prime equation whose factors are possible in sq...

Q: Suppose than an object that is originally at room temperature of 30 Celsius is placed in a freezer. ...

A: Given:

Q: please solve and show your work

A: To factor 

Q: What are the blanks?

A: (a)It is given that the exponential decay for the contaminated site is given by P = 200 × 0.83m wher...

Q: If $8,000 is invested at 6% per year compounded monthly, the future value S at any time t (in months...

A: Given: -

Q: Solve the system  x+y+z=-7 2x-y-3z=7 2x+2y-2z=-2

A: It is given that the systems of equations are,

Q: Solve using Gauss-Jordan elimination. 4x, -7x2-5x3 59 X1-3x2 = 21 Write the system of equations as a...

A: The system of equations

Q: Draw the graph. What is the solution of the system? -12x+4y=12 3x - y = 0

A: For -12x+4y=12 we solve for y.For y=3x+3 make a table. 

Q: Please solve and show the steps.

A: Definition:

Q: b to the 2  power multiply by b to the -2 power  assume b = 0

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Q: Help with #8?

A: Simplify the denominator of the function 

Q: I am stuck on this equation and unsure how to solve. Here is the equationSolve by system of equation...

A: Given system of equations are 

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x+y<3 y>x y>-1

A: To identify the region consisting of the set of points (x,y) in the plane satisfying all the  three ...

Q: I need help with number 46

A: Let the field has one side =x and other side =ySo it needs fence= 2x+y=2000y=2000-2x

Q: a loan payment of $ 4200 was due 80 days ago, and another payment of $ 1800 is due in 40 days from n...

A: Given:

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x+y<4 y>x y>-3

A: Make table for the auxiliary equations. 

Q: please solve and show your work

A: The whole number of the number

Q: 79.

A: Plug g(x)=3x, then substitute x by 3x in f(x). Answer: (fog)(x)= sqrt(3x-1)

Q: If $2000 is invested at 10% compounded continuously, the future value S at any time t (in years) is ...

A: Refer to the question, we need to calculate the future value S at any time t (in years) from the pro...

Q: Disposable income is the amount available for spending and saving after taxes have been paid and is ...

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Q: (4-x2)/(3x2-x-10)•(6x)/(8x+16)

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Q: If an investment company pays 6% compounded semiannually, how much should you deposit now to have $1...

A: Compound interest formula:

Q: Add rational expressions w a common denominator  d^2-12/(d+4)(d+1)+3-8d/(d+4)(d+1)

A: To add the rational expression.

Q: What are the blanks?

A: Let growth for one year is x. then in three years it will grow by x^3. x^3=2so, x= 1.26Answer(a): 1....

Q: 16/8x/4/8x

A: For the fraction in the denominator, we'll flip it and multiply with the fraction of the numerator. 

Q: The weight a suspension bridge can support, B, in tons, is directly proportional to the square root ...

A: Given:

Q: If a and h are real numbers, find the following values for the given function. f(x) = 5x − 6 1) f(a)...

A: Plug a and h in place of x to find f(a) and f(h).Answer(1): f(a)+f(h)=5a+5h-12

Q: Graph the solution set for the system of linear inequalities  x>3 y>-1

A: Auxiliary equations are x=3 and y=-1We graph those lines first.x=3 will be a vertical line passing t...