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Use the electron dot structure of As (column VA) to predict how many H atoms will bond to it. Choose the correct formula:Convert 19 oC to Farenheit.


Use the electron dot structure of As (column VA) to predict how many H atoms will bond to it. Choose the correct formula:

Convert 19 oC to Farenheit.

Step 1

Arsenic consists of 5 electrons in its outer most shell or we can say that it has 5 valence electrons. The electron configuration of Arsenic is [Ar] 3d104s24p. It requires 3 more electrons to complete its p orbital. The electron dot structure of Arsenic is shown as,

Step 2

Now, since it requires 3 more electrons to complete its outermost 4p orbital and Hydrogen has only one electron, so by sharing of electrons, 3 Hydrogen will share 3 electrons with Arsenic and hence its 4p orbital will get completed. Also, Hydrogen atom requires only 1 electron to complete its outer most shell, which is provided by Arsenic. So, generally 3 hydrogen atoms will bond to Arsenic to form AsH3. The electron dot structure is shown as,

Step 3

Now it is required to convert 19 degree Celsius to Fahrenhei...


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