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Water has a molal freezing point constant of 1.86 degrees celcius kg/mol. Calculate the freezing point of 23.237 grams of calcium chloride(CaCl2) in 90.236 grams of water. Assume complete dissociation. 


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Step 1

Amount of Calcium chloride is 23.237 g

Amount of water is 90.236 g

Molal freezing point constant for water is 1.86 degrees celsius kg/mol.

The molar mass of Calcium chloride is 110.98 g/mol

Moles of Calcium chloride can be calculated as :


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mass of CaCl molar mass of CaCl 23.237 g 110.98 g-mol-1 moles of CaCl 0.2093 mol

Step 2

Calcium chloride dissociates in the following way as follows:

When  1 mol of calcium chloride breaks it forms 1 mol of calcium ion and 2 mol of chloride ions as shown in above reaction.

Thus total 3 moles are obtained by one mole of calcium chloride.

Since Calcium chloride is solute, its moles can be calculated as follows:

Moles of Calcium chloride = 0.2093×3

                                           =0.6279 mol

Thus the moles of solute is 0.6279 mol


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Step 3

Also given that,

Water is a solvent and its mass is 90.236 g or 0.090236 kg

Now mola...


Image Transcriptionclose

moles of solute mass of solvent in kg 0.6279 mol 0.090236 kg molality -6.96 m


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