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Water, initially saturated vapor at 4.5 bar, fills a closed, rigid container. The water is heated until its temperature is 400°C.

For the water, determine the heat transfer, in kJ per kg of water.

Kinetic and potential energy effects can be ignored.


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A4S Baor satunated vapor, Co4140 m3 ley Ug Since the container is rigid

Step 2

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ind speaitic intounal enenqy of suporheate d vapour of M3lkaand at T- 400 c state at O2- - in the re ssure yonge of 5bai to fbr By interpobtion, (Utar Uss 5banr400°c O.4I440 O.6(73 2963.-t |(2760 -13-2 o4397 O.3


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