Asked Sep 4, 2019

wats  98555555  dived b y 78888888


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Step 1


 The given expression can be w...

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Q: 7. How many different ways can you rearrange the letters in the word: STRESSOR

A: Given word is: STRESSORTotal number of letters in word STRESSOR is 8, so, the number of ways to rear...


Q: What conditions have to be checked to determine if a function is "well defined"?  How would I show t...

A: Let the function beThen we need to check 3 conditions to prove that the function is Well definedThey...


Q: Determine the simple interest.​ (The rate is an annual rate unless otherwise stated. Assume 360 days...

A: Calculation:Convert 60 days into years as follows.t = (60/360) yearst = (1/6) years


Q: Please help me number 6. Thanks!

A: We are given that the unit vectors x, y, z satisfies the equationTo find the relation between the re...


Q: Mechanincal Vibrations (Differential equations) When a mass of 2 kilograms is attached to a spring w...

A: The differential equation for equation of motion is given by,


Q: Differential equations. Find the particular solutions to the given systems of equations. Please refe...

A: (a) The differential equation is given as


Q: F(x)= 3x/1+x3  G(x)=3x2/1+x3 a. Graph each funtion b. When is f(x)>0 C. when is G(x)>0 will F(...

A: (a) Graph of the functions F(x)= 3x/1+x3  and G(x)=3x2/1+x3, are shown below:  


Q: z is a complex variable, z=x+iy determine which of the following functions u are harmonic. For each ...

A: Basic definitions and Cauchy Riemann equations.


Q: Step by step, evaluate the equation: (-2)³ • (-2)

A: The given exponential expression is (–2)3 · (–2) .First expand the exponential expression as follows...