Asked Dec 23, 2019

What are conditions for an echo?


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Step 1

The repetition of sound due to the reflection of th...

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Q: Why does freezing of water not occur at 0 degree C when foreign ions are present?

A: The freezing point of water is zero degree Celsius.But some case the freezing point may be lower if ...


Q: Two long, parallel conductors separated by 10.0 cmcarry currents in the same direction. The first wi...

A: Given:Seperation between the wires = 10 cmCurrent in first wire = 5 ACurrent in second wire = 8 A


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Q: Can ice be colder than 0 degree C ? What is the temperature of the an ice- water mixture?

A: Temperature of ice can go down to 273 degree which is zero kelvin or absolute zero.


Q: Distinguish between condensation and evaporation?

A: Evaporation is the process of a substances in the liquid state changing to a gaseous sate due to inc...


Q: Figure CQ19.1 shows a positive and a negative charge eachmoving in the xy - plane through three diff...

A: According to the right hand rule, the directions of the magnetic field for the given figures are:


Q: If water had a lower specific heat capacity, would ponds be more likely to freeze or less likely to ...

A: An object with lower specific heat capacity means it needs lesser heat to increase the object's temp...


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A:  The ground beneath the bench absorbs less solar radiation compared to the open ground. The ground w...