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What are the types of cam mechanism

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Step 1

Cam Mechanism: Cam and followers are used simultaneously and combinedly they are termed as cam and follower mechanism.

The cam is a mechanical device having curved outline or the curved groove which converts the rotary motion into reciprocating motion with the help of another mechanical element called follower. The most common use of cam and follower mechanism is seen in the automobiles where a camshaft is used.

To operate the intake and exhaust valves of the cylinders, the cam and follower mechanism converts rotary motion of the engine into reciprocating motion of the valves.

Step 2

To visualize the working of cam and follower mechanism, take a pencil and a book. Incline the book at a particular angle making it an inclined plane and put the pencil over it. Now pencil acts as the slider (follower), fingers act as guide to the pencil and book acts as plane(cam).

Now slowly move the book straight upward, this pushes the pencil straight up along the guide. By this simple problem, conversion of one motion into another motion can be observed.

Step 3

The types of cam mechanism are defined here

  1. Rotating cam-Translating follower: When the cam is in rotational...

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Load Translating roller follower Radial cam


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