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What do the adjectives obligate and facultative mean with regard to microbes?


What do the adjectives obligate and facultative mean with regard to microbes?


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The study of microbes or small living things is referred to as microbiology. Microbes are too small in size (unicellular or multicellular) and hence, they are not able to see with unaided eye. Microorganisms can be seen with the help of microscopes. Microbes include bacteria, virus, algae, fungi, protozoa, etc. Many research persons have given their assistances to the development of microbiology.

Step 2

In terms of microbes, the adjectives obligate and facultative are used to classify them based on their oxygen requirements.  

Step 3

Obligate aerobe: 

An obligate aerobe requires oxygen to survive and multiplication. This indicates that they cannot generate energy (ATP) in the nonexistence of oxygen. Myco...

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