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What is a black hole?


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It is a large amount of dense matter concentrated in a small region of space with incredibly intense gravity that does not even light can make its way out and ordinary matter can never travel faster than the speed of light.

It is basically formed by the death of a massive-star that exceeding the Chandrasekhar-limit (i.e. 1.4 M0)

Step 2

During the collapse of enormous star densities, the matter constituting the star from all the sides compresses the dying star so small (i.e. to nearly zero volume) which in turn gives density as infinity. This is called singularity.

However, the total mass of the star is not converted into the black hole.

For example: 5 M0 black hole is formed from the 20 M0 of the star.

Step 3

If we’ll take a closer look into a black hole, distant from it the space-time is nearly flat but closer to it the curvature is infinitely deep. Escape speed i.e. the least speed a...

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Image Transcriptionclose

2GM ' esc ape R


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