Asked Dec 30, 2019

What is electromagnetic induction?


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the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1830's. the electromagnetic inductio...

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Magnetic Effects of Current

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Q: How does the refractive index of a medium depend on its temperature?

A: The refractive index of the medium depends on its temperature.


Q: A spherical surface surrounds a point charge q. Describe what happens to the total flux through the ...

A: The expression for the flux is,


Q: Name a material which is used for making the stanadrd resistor. Give reason for your answer.

A: The common materials used for making resistors are alloys such as manganin, constantanor and nichrom...


Q: An interstate highway has been built through a neighborhood in a city. In the afternoon, the sound l...

A: Given


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A: A prism is a portion of a transparent medium bounded by two plane faces inclined tom each other at a...


Q: The focal length of a convex lens is 25cm.Express its power with sign.

A: Formula for the power of a lens is:


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A: The charge (q),


Q: For an electron in a 3d state, determine (a) the principle quantum number and (b) the orbital quantu...

A: (a) For 3d state, principal quantum number is n = 3.


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A: For 3d state, principal quantum number is n = 3 and orbital quantum number is l = 2.