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What is the cross sectional area necessary to carry a 50 ton force (tensile load) in a square bar with a tensile strength of 80000 ibs/sq in?


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Step 1


Force F = 50 tonns

Tensile strength σ = 80,000 ibs/sq. in.

Cross-sectional area A = ?

Step 2

The formula to calculate the area of the square bar is:

Where, σ is the tensile stress, F is the force and A is the area of the square bar.


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F or A F A=

Step 3

First, convert the tensile strength in Newton/meter2....

1bs/ 6894.76 N/m2
So, 80000 x 6894.76=5.515 x 10° N/m
ltonn 9806.65N
So, 50x 9806.65= 490332.5N

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1bs/ 6894.76 N/m2 So, 80000 x 6894.76=5.515 x 10° N/m ltonn 9806.65N So, 50x 9806.65= 490332.5N


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