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What is the mass percent of ethanol (CHCHOH) if 0.0793 moles of ethanol is added to 0.264 kg of water?


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Step 1

The mass percent of a component present in the mixture is given by equation (1), in which, mc represents the mass of that component in the mixture and mt represents the total mass of the mixture.

Equation (2) represents the formula for calculating the number of moles, in which, n represents the number of moles, m represents the mass and M represents the molar mass.

-x 100

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me -x 100 (1) Mass m (2)

Step 2

The mass of ethanol can be calculated as,

0.0793 mol
46.07 g/mol
m 3.65 g

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0.0793 mol 46.07 g/mol m 3.65 g

Step 3

The mass of water is 0.264 kg which is equal to 264 g because 1 kg = 103 g.

The mass perce...

3.65 g
Mass %
-x 100
264 g 3.65 g

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3.65 g Mass % -x 100 264 g 3.65 g 1.36%


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