Asked Mar 24, 2020
What is the molar solubility of Fe(OH)3 (s) in a solution that is buffered at
pH 2.50 at 25 °C? The Ksp of Fe(OH)3 is 6.3 × 10-38
at 25 °C.

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Step 1

Since the solution is buffered, hence the pH will be constant which makes concentration of H+ and OH- constant

Since pH = -log[H+] => [H+] = 10-pH  =10-2.5 = 3.16X10-3 

Since we know [H+] X [OH- ] = 10-14  in any solution 

hence [OH- ] = 10-14  / [H+]  = 10-14  / (3.16X10-3 ) = 3.16 X 10-12 M which is constant

Now we know the reaction for solubilit...

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