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What is the pH of a solution in which 224 mL of HCl(g), measured at 27.2 °C and 1.02 atm, is dissolved in 1.5 L of aqueous solution?


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Step 1



Volume of HCl is 224 mL.

Pressure is 1.02 atm.

Temperature is 27.2˚C.

Step 2

It is known that 1 mL = 0.001 L.

Therefore, the given volume in L is 0.224 L.


The conversion of ˚C into K is as follows:

T(K) = T(˚C) + 273

T(K) = 27.2 + 273

T(K) = 300.2 K.

Step 3

The mathematical expression...

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