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What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 75.10 mL of 0.02250 M NaOH with 19.22 ml of 0.08780 M HCl?

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Step 1


Volume of NaOH = 75.10 mL

Molarity of NaOH  = 0.02250 M

Volume of HCl = 19.22 ml

Molarity of HCl = 0.08780 M HCl

pH of the solution prepared = ?

Step 2

Chemical equation involved:

           HCl + NaOH -----à NaCl + H2O

As per the balanced chemical equation, the moles of HCl reacting is equation to the moles of NaOH reacting. Which means, they are reacting in 1:1 ratio.

1 mole of NaOH can furnish 1mole of OH- ions. And 1 mole of HCl can furnish 1 mole of H+ ions.

This 1 mole of H= reacts with 1 ole of OH- to furnish the perfectly neutral substance water along with NaCl.

The product obtained due to this reaction is completely neutral as the moles of acid and base reacting is same and they neutralise each other completely.

Step 3

Now, find the moles of NaOH and HCl given in the question.

Moles of NaOH:

Molarity = moles/volume

Moles = M X V

              = 75.10 mL X 0.02250

            = 1.69 moles

Moles of HCl :

Molarity = moles/volume

Moles = M X V


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