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what mass of precipitate forms when 30 mL of .150 M K2S reacts with 50 mL of .200 M Ba(NO3)2?


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Step 1

It is given that:

Volume of K2S = 30 mL

Concentration of K2S = 0.150 M

Volume of Ba(NO3)2 = 50 mL

Concentration of Ba(NO3)2 = 0.200 M

Step 2

Molarity is defined as the number of moles of solute dissolved in 1 liter of solution. It is represented by M. Its unit is mol/L.

The expression for molarity is given as follows:

Molarity =Number of moles of solute
Volume of solution (L

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Molarity =Number of moles of solute Volume of solution (L

Step 3

The reaction between potassium sulphide and bariu...

K,S Ba (NO), --BaS - 2KNO

Image Transcriptionclose

K,S Ba (NO), --BaS - 2KNO


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