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What physical force is best resisted by having multiple layers of oral squamous epithelium?

A. Stretching 

B. Tension

C. Abrasion 

D. Compression


Expert Answer

Step 1

The epithelial cell is formed by joining cells that together form layers of epithelial cell in the body. The epithelial cells have important functions like protecting the tissue layers and act as a barrier to control the movements of molecule in-between the glands.

Step 2

Reason for the correct answer:

Option C. is given as “Abrasion”.

Rapid eating, tooth brushing, or drinking are the common causes of abrasion in the mouth due to tearing or breaking of the epithelial lining. The oral mucosa comprises stratified epithelium cells that are formed by multiple layers of epithelium cells. This makes the oral surface to be thicker and forms a protective barrier against friction and abrasion. This also prevents the entry of pathogens due to their tight adherence of multi-layered cells. Hence, option C. is correct.


Reasons for incorrect answers:

Option A. is given as “Stretching”.

Stretching is not resisted by multiple layers of oral squamous epithelium. Hence, option A. is incorrect.


Option B. is given as “Tension”.

Tension in m...

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