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When ²³⁵U absorbs a neutron, it forms an unstable nuclide that ultimately fissions into smaller nuclides. What is this unstable nuclide?
A) ²³¹Th
B) ²³⁵Pa
C) ²³⁶U
D) ²³⁵Np
E) ²³⁹Pu

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Step 1

The absorption of a neutron results in the increase of the mass number by 1, while the atomic number remains same. This can be represented as :

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1

Step 2


²³⁵U absorbs a neutron, it forms an unstable nuclide that ultimately fissions into smaller nuclides.


Mass number of U = 235

Atomic number of U = 92


The absorption of a neutron by ²³⁵U will resul...

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