Which of the disorders are MOST likely to be comorbid with substance use disorder(alcohol, drugs)?  cyclothymic disorderpanic disorderpost traumatic stress disordersocial anxiety disorderBipolar disorder (either I or II)persistent depressive disorderattention deficit disorderadjustment disorder with mixed emotional featuresdouble depression

Asked Nov 13, 2019

Which of the disorders are MOST likely to be comorbid with substance use disorder(alcohol, drugs)?

cyclothymic disorder
panic disorder
post traumatic stress disorder
social anxiety disorder
Bipolar disorder (either I or II)
persistent depressive disorder
attention deficit disorder
adjustment disorder with mixed emotional features
double depression

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People with substance use disorders (alcohol or drug) are at risk for developing one or more chronic diseases. Comorbidity is a condition where the individual will suffer from two or more disorders at the same time or one after the other. They cause significant difficulties in nosology and diagnosis, and may cause treatment challenges.

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD):

PSTD is a serious psychiatric disorder that occurs in people who have experienced a shocking and scary event such as a natural disaster, a major accident, a terrorist act, rape or other personal assault. Symptoms of PSTD include severe anxiety, nightmares, flashback or feelings occurred during those events.

Social a...

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