Human Heredity: Principles and Issues (MindTap Course List) - 11th Edition - by Michael Cummings - ISBN 9781305251052
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Human Heredity: Principles and Issues (...
11th Edition
Michael Cummings
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305251052

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Chapter 5.5 - Multifactorial Traits: Multiple Genes And Environmental EffectsChapter 6 - Cytogenetics: Karyotypes And Chromosome AberrationsChapter 7 - Development And Sex DeterminationChapter 7.6 - Defining Sex In Stages: Chromosomes, Gonads, And HormonesChapter 8 - The Structure, Replication, And Chromosomal Organization Of DnaChapter 8.4 - The Watson-crick Model Of Dna StructureChapter 9 - Gene Expression And Gene RegulationChapter 9.6 - Translation Requires The Interaction Of Several ComponentsChapter 10 - From Proteins To PhenotypesChapter 10.4 - Phenylketonuria: A Mutation That Affects An EnzymeChapter 10.7 - Defects In Transport Proteins: HemoglobinChapter 11 - Genome Alterations: Mutation And EpigeneticsChapter 11.4 - Mutations Can Be Spontaneous Or InducedChapter 12 - Genes And CancerChapter 12.10 - Genomics, Epigenetics,and CancerChapter 13 - An Introduction To Genetic TechnologyChapter 13.5 - Finding A Specific Gene In A LibraryChapter 13.7 - Analyzing Cloned SequencesChapter 14 - Biotechnology And SocietyChapter 14.6 - Dna Profiles As Tools For IdentificationChapter 15 - Genomes And GenomicsChapter 15.1 - Genomics And Personalized MedicineChapter 16 - Reproductive Technology, Genetic Testing, And Gene TherapyChapter 16.5 - Genetic Testing And ScreeningChapter 17 - Genes And The Immune SystemChapter 17.8 - Disorders Of The Immune SystemChapter 18 - Genetics Of BehaviorChapter 18.2 - Models, Methods, And Phenotypes In Studying BehaviorChapter 19 - Population Genetics And Human EvolutionChapter 19.8 - Genomics And Human Evolution

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HUMAN HEREDITY presents the concepts of human genetics in clear, concise language and provides relevant examples that you can apply to yourself, your family, and your work environment. Author Michael Cummings explains the origin, nature, and amount of genetic diversity present in the human population and how that diversity has been shaped by natural selection. The artwork and accompanying media visually support the material by teaching rather than merely illustrating the ideas under discussion. Examining the social, cultural, and ethical implications associated with the use of genetic technology, Cummings prepares you to become a well-informed consumer of genetic-based health care services or provider of health care services. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections

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