Asked Mar 7, 2020

Which of the following actions will increase the solubility of
AgBr in water? (a) increasing the pH (b) decreasing the pH
(c) adding NaBr (d) adding NaNO3 (e) none of the above


Expert Answer

Step 1

The term solubility refers to the chemical property by which the given solute or the substance is able to get dissolved in the given solvent. It can be measured in term of the maximum quantity of solute which gets dissolved in the given solvent as at equilibrium.

Step 2

According to the Fajan’s rule, a given compound will have more ionic character if the cation is large in size and carries a small positive charge and the anion is smaller in size.

Step 3

The given compound is AgBr and it is insoluble in water as the constituent ions are unable to dissociate in water to form A...

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