1.Who is generally credited with founding anthropology as a modern social science?

A. Charles Darwin

B. Franz Boas

C. Lewis Henry Morgan

D. Margaret Mead

E. None of these

2. All of the following are subdisciplines of anthropology except:

A. Forensic anthropology

B. Linguistic Anthropology

C. Biological Anthropology

D. Archaeology

3.An idea that has been repeatedly variably tested and not falsified is called:

A. a theory

B. a law

C. a hypothesis

D. the scientific method

4. What is the name that refers to humans and human ancestors?

A. Homo sapiens

B. Primates

C. Apes

D. Hominins

5. Camouflage, such as arctic foxes blending in to their snowy environment, is an example of:

A. polygenism

B. the transmutation hypothesis

C. inheritance of acquired characteristics

D. adaptation

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