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Why do economists and managers pay attention to the measurements of macroeconomic activity? several elements of these measurements such as durable goods, non-durable goods, etc


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Answer -  Economist and managers pay attention to many measurment of macroeconomics activity " GDP growth rate , interest rates , Inflation rate " etc these parameters will help the managers to run there company operations smootly and help to  make future plan related to their business and help economist to form  national policies ,Now we will evaualte these measures and their effect on the business operation or a nation's economy   .

a) Inflation Level -  Economist and managers pay attention to measurement of macroeconomics "Inflation" because this affect operations of a firm or a country . If the inflation is high enough it will make the general operations in a firm more costly and directly affect the productivity and profitiblity of the firm , where as when a inflation level is low it can give the opportunity  lower the cost of operation and increase the probablity of profits .  Economist pay attention to measurement of inflation if the in...

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