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Economics Q&A

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Q: The market supply and market demand curves for a magazine highlighting events and happenings for a m...

A: A  we know that deadweight loss is defined as the excess burden on the society because of economic e...


Q: If the price elasticity of demand for used cars priced between $4,000 and $6,000 is -0.75 (using the...

A: Price elasticity of demand (PED or Ed) is a measure used in economics to show the responsiveness, or...


Q: How do you think the U.S. government should regulate migration? Should there be limits in general an...

A: United States which is also known as the "Land of Immigrants", currenty facing a crirtical situation...


Q: Supply After Tax Price Supply $6.00 $5.45 $5.00 $4.45 Demand QUANTITY 0 Q' Q

A: The supply curve i.e. Supply and demand curve indicates that the Equilibrium quantity is Q and Equil...


Q: What will happen if the government shuts down, will gas prices go up?

A: Yes, the prices of the gas will definately be affected if the government shut downs.Since, it is the...


Q: Define adverse selection

A: The answer to the question defining what adverse selection is. 


Q: What is the marginal cost of producing an additional unit:

A: Definition of Marginal cost.Marginal cost refers to the additional cost incurred by a producer or a ...


Q: 0/15020/12040/60if dave produces 0 lbs of green beans, the opportunity cost of producing 20 more lbs...

A: Definition of Opportunity costOpportunity cost of refers to the cost of the next best alternative. T...


Q: Why is the study of economics important to democracy and why is it important for society to have an ...

A: ExplanationEconomics is a subject that deals with the relationship between individuals who are buyer...


Q: What are the arguments for and against making a distinction between leaders and managers?

A: Many wonder about the differences between a leader and a manager. This is a current topic of debate ...


Q: Why study economics?

A: ExplanationEconomics is the study of markets where there exists  and interaction of buyers and selle...


Q: Why is it important for us to use models when studying economics?

A: In economics a Model is defined as a theoretical construct which represents the economic processes b...


Q: How do you cite something using APA

A: APA stands for American Psychological AssociationAPA Format is defines as the official style of Amer...


Q: Suppose you own a profitable small business in another state and you wanted to hold a meeting, but y...

A: Since the person owns a small business that means the person will consider all the aspects of costs ...


Q: The models of microeconomics

A: According to the question we need to determine the Models used in Microeconomics.These models are pr...

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