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Write an equation for the acid -catalyzed addition of water to:

a. 3-hexene

b. 2-butene

c. 4-methylcyclopentene 


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Step 1

Alkenes are the unsaturated hydrocarbons that react with substances that add to the double bond. The acid catalyzed reaction of water with alkenes yields alcohol. The addition generally follows Markovnikov rule which states that when an unsymmetrical alkene reacts with a molecule such as hydrogen halide or water, the hydrogen adds to the carbon that has more hydrogens.

Step 2

The acid catalysed reaction of water with 3-hexene forms hexan-3-ol as a product. The equation is written below.


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>CH,CH,CHOHCH,CH,CH CH CHCH-CHCH,CH, H0 н" 3 3-hexene Нехan-3-ol

Step 3

The acid catalysed reaction of water with 2-butene forms But...


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>CH,CHOHCH,CH н* CH CH CHCH +H20 2-butene Butan-2-ol


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