Write an equation that expresses the following relationship. U varies jointly with the square of p and cube of d. In your equation, use k as the constant of proportionality.

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A: Consider the given equation

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A: Rewrite the given as follows.

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A: (a) The matrix product is computed as follows.

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A: To prove the below logarithmic statement.

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A: Given system of equation is

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A: If y varies jointly as x and the square root of z, then we have

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A: f) Graphed the function and graphed the secant lines.

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A: Find (f ∘ g)(x) .

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A: To factorize the given expression using "difference of square" formula

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A: It is known that, the solutions of the equation

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A: Exponential growth formula:

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A: Given,

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A: To simplify the expression and convert exponents to positive exponents.

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A: The problem concerns aspects of an exponential growth model

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A: To identify the growth model

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A: Denominator can never be zero in rational function. So 2x-6 is not zero, that means x is not 3All re...

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A: solve for x.