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Write the following in C++

Write three functions, float getNum(), float add(float, float), void outSum(float); that asks user for two numbers, finds the sum of two numbers, and displays the sum repeatly in a main program until the user enter “0” for either one of the numbers.

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Step 1

The C++ program and approach are given below:


  • Declaring the essential headers and the namespaces.
  • Defining the three functions “float getNum()”, “float add(float x, float y)” and “void outSum(float s)”.
  • Inside the “float getNum()” function, variable num is declared which stores the two numbers entered by the user. The getnum() function allows the user to enter two numbers. When the user enters the first number it stores in the num variable than it stores to the getnum(). And it again asks the user to enter the second number.
  • If-else statement will check whether the number is greater than zero or not.
  • Inside the “float add(float x, float y)”, sum of x and y is returned.
  • The “void outSum(float s)” function will display the sum.
  • Inside the main() function while loop will execute until the statement is true(num!=0).
  • Inside the while loop, the outSum() is called and add() function is called as the function parameter for the outSum() The getNum() function is called two times as the function parameter for add() function(as add() takes two arguments).
Step 2


//essential headers

#include <iostream>

//using namespace

using namespace std;

//getNum() to take input from user

float getNum()


    //declaring the variables

    float num;

    //prompts the user to enter the number

    cout<<"Enter a number:\n";


    //if statement to check the entered number is greater than zero

    if(num != 0)


        return num;



        exit (0);


//add() function will return the sum of two arguments

float add(float x, float y)


    //returns the sum

    return x+y;


//outSum() will displays the sum 

void outSum(float s)



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