Could you solve 3rd question please? 

Thank you. 

the a
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Y ter of the a

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A: We have to prove the identity: sin θ+cos θ2=1+2 sin θ cos θ We will use following identity: a+b2=a2+...

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A: Given,          tanA=-33We know that,         tan2θ=2tanθ1-tan2θ

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A: Consider the given vectors u and v such that, u=2 i-4 j  ,  v=-3 i-2 ju Now, 2u=2 (2 i-4 j) =4 i-8 j...

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Q: Use identities to write each explanation only in terms of sin ø and/or cos ø. Simplify if possible. ...

A: 1. Csc X = 1/Sin X 2. Tan X = Sin X/Cos X

Q: If  is close to p/2, determine whether the value of each trigonometric function isclose to 0, close...

A: Known facts: Sinx is a continuous function and sinπ2=1. cosx is a continuous function and cosπ2=0.  

Q: Factor each expression completely.     a. x 2- y2b. cos 2 theta - sin 2 theta

A: (a) x2-y2 = x-yx+y                Using, a2-b2=a-ba+b

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Q: Rewrite the product sin 6x sin 4x as a sum or difference.

A: sin A sin B=12cos(A+B)-cos(A-B)

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A: acc to given question drawing a diagram

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A: cos-1-12+2sin-112