College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305952300

College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305952300


Chapter 12, Problem 14CQ
Textbook Problem

What is wrong with the following statement: “Given any two bodies, the one with the higher temperature contains more heat.”

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Chapter 12 Solutions

College Physics
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Ch. 12 - An ideal gas undergoes an adiabatic process so...Ch. 12 - Is it possible to construct a heat engine that...Ch. 12 - A heat engine does work Weng while absorbing...Ch. 12 - When a sealed Thermos bottle full of hot coffee is...Ch. 12 - The first law of thermodynamics is U = Q + W. For...Ch. 12 - The first law of thermodynamics says we cant get...Ch. 12 - Objects A and B with TA TB are placed in thermal...Ch. 12 - Using the first law of thermodynamics, explain why...Ch. 12 - What is wrong with the following statement: Given...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas is compressed to half its initial...Ch. 12 - A thermodynamic process occurs in which the...Ch. 12 - A window air conditioner is placed on a table...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas is enclosed in a cylinder with a...Ch. 12 - Sketch a PV diagram and find the work done by the...Ch. 12 - Gas in a container is at a pressure of 1.5 atm and...Ch. 12 - Find the numeric value of the work done on the gas...Ch. 12 - A gas expands from I to F along the three paths...Ch. 12 - A gas follows the PV diagram in Figure P12.6. Find...Ch. 12 - A sample of helium behaves as an ideal gas as it...Ch. 12 - (a) Find the work done by an ideal gas as it...Ch. 12 - One mole of an ideal gas initially at a...Ch. 12 - (a) Determine the work done on a fluid that...Ch. 12 - A balloon holding 5.00 moles of helium gas absorbs...Ch. 12 - A chemical reaction transfers 1250 J of thermal...Ch. 12 - The only form of energy possessed by molecules of...Ch. 12 - A cylinder of volume 0.300 m3 contains 10.0 mol of...Ch. 12 - A gas expands from I to F in Figure P12.5. The...Ch. 12 - In a running event, a sprinter does 4.8 105 J of...Ch. 12 - A gas is compressed at a constant pressure of...Ch. 12 - A quantity of a monatomic ideal gas undergoes a...Ch. 12 - A gas is enclosed in a container fitted with a...Ch. 12 - A monatomic ideal gas under-goes the thermodynamic...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas is compressed from a volume of Vi =...Ch. 12 - A system consisting of 0.025 6 moles of a diatomic...Ch. 12 - An ideal monatomic gas expands isothermally from...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas expands at constant pressure. (a)...Ch. 12 - An ideal monatomic gas contracts in an isobaric...Ch. 12 - An ideal diatomic gas expands adiabatically from...Ch. 12 - An ideal monatomic gas is contained in a vessel of...Ch. 12 - Consider the cyclic process described by Figure...Ch. 12 - A 5.0-kg block of aluminum is heated from 20C to...Ch. 12 - One mole of gas initially at a pressure of 2.00...Ch. 12 - A gas increases in pressure from 2.00 atm to 6.00...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas expands at a constant pressure of...Ch. 12 - A heat engine operates between a reservoir at 25C...Ch. 12 - A heat engine is being designed to have a Carnot...Ch. 12 - The work done by an engine equals one-fourth the...Ch. 12 - In each cycle of its operation, a heat engine...Ch. 12 - One of the most efficient engines ever built is a...Ch. 12 - A lawnmower engine ejects 1.00 104 J each second...Ch. 12 - An engine absorbs 1.70 kJ from a hot reservoir at...Ch. 12 - A heat pump has a coefficient of performance of...Ch. 12 - A freezer has a coefficient of performance of...Ch. 12 - Two heat engines are operated in series so that...Ch. 12 - In one cycle a heat engine absorbs 500 J from a...Ch. 12 - A power plant has been proposed that would make...Ch. 12 - A certain nuclear power plant has an electrical...Ch. 12 - A heat engine operates in a Carnot cycle between...Ch. 12 - A Styrofoam cup holding 125 g of hot water at 1.00...Ch. 12 - A 65-g ice cube is initially at 0.0C. (a) Find the...Ch. 12 - A freezer is used to freeze 1.0 L of water...Ch. 12 - What is the change in entropy of 1.00 kg of liquid...Ch. 12 - A 70.0-kg log falls from a height of 25.0 m into a...Ch. 12 - A sealed container holding 0.500 kg of liquid...Ch. 12 - The surface of the Sun is approximately at 5.70 ...Ch. 12 - When an aluminum bar is temporarily connected...Ch. 12 - Prepare a table like Table 12.3 for the following...Ch. 12 - This is a symbolic version of Problem 54. When a...Ch. 12 - On a typical day, a 65-kg man sleeps for 8.0 h,...Ch. 12 - A weightlifter has a basal metabolic rate of 80.0...Ch. 12 - Sweating is one of the main mechanisms with which...Ch. 12 - A woman jogging has a metabolic rate of 625 W. (a)...Ch. 12 - Suppose a highly trained athlete consumes oxygen...Ch. 12 - A Carnot engine operates between the temperatures...Ch. 12 - A 1 500-kW heat engine operates at 25% efficiency....Ch. 12 - A Carnot engine operates between 100C and 20C. How...Ch. 12 - A substance undergoes the cyclic process shown in...Ch. 12 - When a gas follows path 123 on the PV diagram in...Ch. 12 - A 1.0 102-kg steel support rod in a building has...Ch. 12 - An ideal gas initially at pressure P0, volume V0,...Ch. 12 - One mole of neon gas is heated from 300. K to 420....Ch. 12 - Every second at Niagara Falls, approximately 5.00 ...Ch. 12 - A cylinder containing 10.0 moles of a monatomic...Ch. 12 - Two moles of molecular hydrogen (H2) react with 1...Ch. 12 - Suppose you spend 30.0 minutes on a stair-climbing...Ch. 12 - Hydrothermal vents deep on the ocean floor spout...Ch. 12 - An electrical power plant has an overall...Ch. 12 - A diatomic ideal gas expands from a volume of VA =...

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