Foundations of Business - Standalo...

4th Edition
William M. Pride + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285193946



Foundations of Business - Standalo...

4th Edition
William M. Pride + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285193946
Textbook Problem

What is integrated marketing communications, and why is it becoming increasingly accepted?

Summary Introduction

To determine: The meaning of integrated marketing communications and the reasons on it is being increasingly accepted.

Introduction: Incorporated marketing communications include organizing the different promotional components and other marketing activities that speak with the company's consumers.


Integrated marketing communications is the organization of promotion endeavors to guarantee the most extreme instructive and powerful effect on customers. It attempts to send a predictable message to all customers and furnishes an organization with an approach to facilitate and deal with its limited time endeavors to guarantee that customers do get a steady message. It has been progressively acknowledged for a few reasons.

The reasons on integrated marketing communications being increasingly accepted are as follows:

  • Mass-media advertising is utilized less today as a result of its high expenses and less unsurprising group of onlookers sizes...

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