Essentials Of Statistics For Busin...

9th Edition
David R. Anderson + 4 others
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9780357045435



Essentials Of Statistics For Busin...

9th Edition
David R. Anderson + 4 others
Publisher: South-Western College Pub
ISBN: 9780357045435
Chapter 4.4, Problem 30E
Textbook Problem

Suppose that we have two events, A and B, with P(A) = .50, P(B) = .60, and P(AB) = .40.

  1. a. Find P(AB).
  2. b. Find P(BA).
  3. c. Are A and B independent? Why or why not?


To determine

Compute the value of P(A|B).

Explanation of Solution


The probability values are P(A)=0.50,P(B)=0.60,and P(AB)=0.40.

The formula for conditional probability is given by:


Here, P(B)=0


To determine

Compute the value of P(B|A).


To determine

Check whether the events A and B are independent or not.

Explain the reasons.

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