4th Duke of Norfolk

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    Mr. Fox Begins Essay

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    In life, we are susceptible to danger just about everywhere we go. Most people avoid danger at all costs, however there are certain dare devils who will face danger head on. Have you ever wondered if some people willingly put themselves in dangerous situations just to explore their curiosity? If you had to take a guess, would you guess that men or women are more likely to willingly enter dangerous situations? People will face danger for many different reasons, some because they are not at all aware

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    Work Britain in 1750 In 1750 there were lots of agricultural jobs, men usually worked on farms (were laborers) doing physical jobs like: • Looking after the animals • Being a milkman • Harvesting crops • Sowing broadcast • Dibbling • Threshing • Breaking stones The women did a lot more in the domestic system they would usually stay at home and: • Cook food • Wash clothes • Sew and make clothes They were very involved textiles and the making of cloth, they would spin the wool at

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