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  • The Soundscape By R. Murray Schafer

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    ‘The Soundscape’ is a interdisciplinary concept with spanning across multiple fields of inquiry from acoustic ecology,1 to urban and landscape design,2 ethnography, as well as the realm of music and sound arts. The term ‘soundscape’ was coined in 1977 by R. Murray Schafer, who co-created and led the Vancouver Soundscape Project and later, World Soundscape Project, based out of Simon Fraser University. His work in the 1970’s culminated in what is considered the foundational text, The Soundscape: The

  • Population Pollution

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    Building construction in the Lower Mainland is at an all-time high. More than 37,000 units are now being built to meet the demand of a rapidly growing population, most in high-rise towers that will increase population density throughout the region. That construction brings noise, but those disturbances are temporary. As people, and their cars, move into the new condos and townhomes, the city will likely face an increase in ambient noise levels, which can disturb sleep, increase stress response

  • Rainforest Soundscapes

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    Jungsoo Kang LIFE103-L16 The Effect of Rainforest Soundscapes on the Human Cardiopulmonary System Introduction Depending on the environmental stresses placed on a human being, the heart rate and blood pressure can increase or decrease as a response to the stress. After the stressor is removed, the human body naturally returns a normal or resting state. The average blood pressure tends to be 120mmHg/80mmHg (Weedman 2016). Blood pressure is expressed by the systolic pressure (120mmHg), which

  • Music In Shelemay's 'Soundscapes'

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    In the book Soundscapes by Shelemay, it talks about the different ways in which people use the music to mark segments of the life cycle. It says that different types of music can be used to represent different segments of the life of a person. For example, it says that “music can be associated with a coming–of–age ceremony” or other things like funerals or weddings. A life cycle event that I am familiar with is the quinceañera. This type of event marks the point in which a Latina girl becomes a women

  • Sakadas And The Delphic Soundscape

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    The incorporation of new musical styles had great impact on the Delphic soundscape: Sakadas won through the performance of the Pythikos nomos, an auletic composition that depicted Apollo`s victory over the Python, and that agonal piece eventually became a standard fare in Pythian competitions. The prestige of the winning musicians served in negotiating and formalizing human hierarchies – hierarchies of winning musicians - but also in constituting a new performative hierarchy – a hierarchy based

  • Field Recording History

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    otherwise. The degree to which these recordings are altered varies among artists, with those that fully delve in phonography exhibiting little tangible transformation of the acquired material. Some example of this will be illustrated later in discussing soundscape

  • How Did Female Education Change Yale's Soundscape?

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    intellectual and social presence, the new students affected the streets, the classrooms, and the social scenes. This social revision and political revolution changed the university, but how did it change its soundscape? Arriving on campus, the voice and sound of the new female students enriched the soundscape of the campus that had been shaped mostly by men in the past through their

  • Transformation and Healing in John Paul Lederach's Book When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys through the Soundscape of Healing and Reconciliation

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    In When Blood and Bones Cry Out: Journeys through the soundscape of healing and reconciliation (2010), John Paul Lederach, together with his daughter Angela Jill, study the use of metaphors from sound to foster new pathways of conflict transformation and healing. They ask the question “how do people express and then heal from violations that so destroy the essence of innocence, decency and life itself that the very experience penetrates beyond comprehension and words?” (2010, p. 17). In the Lederach’s

  • Mixed Martial Arts: Article Analysis

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    athletes to use in preparing for an event. Not just in mix martial arts, but in every sport that is played. It can be used to settle nerves or to pump up an individual or a whole team. In this article the author talks a lot about the soundscape of sound. The soundscape would include listen to instruction, the sound of a good hit, noise as a system of social organization, the role of music, hearing the audience, fight song, listen in a fight, and last would be hearing defeat or victory. Listen to

  • Analysis Of Tick Tock By Brian Eno

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    represent the ever evolving state in ambient music. The piano sound is a grand piano mixed with a long hall reverb with a soft attack and medium long release to produce a dream like characteristic as well as provide a deeper spacial texture to the soundscape. The third sound was a string sound that