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  • For this assignment I read the book reviews Limits of Endurance ‘Defiant,’ by Alvin Townley; He

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    For this assignment I read the book reviews Limits of Endurance ‘Defiant,’ by Alvin Townley; He Accused ‘An Officer and a Spy,’ by Robert Harris; Breaking In ‘The Burglary,’ by Betty Medsger. For the book review Limits of Endurance ‘Defiant,’ by Alvin Townley the reviewer seem to have thought fondly of this book while writing majority positive things about this novel. The review He Accused which went over the novel ‘An Officer and a Spy,’ by Robert Harris seemed to be majority mixed to the point

  • Review Of 'The Book Thief' Essays

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    Review of: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak It seems sometimes like the market for young adult literature is written down to the readers, almost in a condescending manner. That is why a book like The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is so refreshing in this sea of cookie cutter romances and fantasies. While classified as a young adult novel, it deals with very serious themes. The book’s cover comes printed with this label: “It is 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has

  • Book Review: The Kite Runner Essay

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    parents were killed and left him alone. All in all, the themes in this book shows us powerful messages. In addition, the author’s objective in this novel was probably to appeal to the reader’s emotion. In the book, there proves to many happy and sad moments. Such as when Amir finally got Baba to notice him a bit, and then there was the sad moment where Amir learned that Hassan has passed away. Also, the main conflict in this entire book was revolved around gaining acceptance and forgiveness from other

  • Book Review : Gone Into History

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    Denise Kirkpatrick 12/8/2016 Essay 3 Gone into History What distinguishes a good read from great literature? James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge wrote a novel together named Gone, it was published in 2013 by the Hachette Book Group. Gone is an important piece of American Literature with their short, attention grabbing storylines. They use a colloquial style of writing that will have you feeling as if the story could be real, and their short chapters give an impression of it being fast paced and

  • Book Review

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    BOOK REVIEW FREEDOM IS NOT FREE BY SHIV KHERA Submitted by: Particulars of the Book Title in full : Freedom is Not Free Written by : Shiv Khera Publisher : Macmillan India Ltd Price : Rs 295 Pages : 223 pages Aim 1. To review the book “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE “by Shiv Khera. About

  • Book Review

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    BOOK REVIEW COMPANY COMMAND THE BOTTOM LINE BY: JOHN G. MEYER,JR. IG ASSESSOR STUDENT OFFICER LT ABHISHEK SHARMA YO’S FD-1606 ‘B’ TP CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. About the author 3. About the book 4. Quality of presentation

  • Book Review : ' Book '

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    For this reading assignment we were reading chapters 1, 2, and 3, I find it helpful to me to read, take notes on and write out summaries as if this was two books. I will start off each time with Wes the author. As the book open we have Wes remembering a day that he and his older sister Nikki, were playing a game. Wes caught her and not knowing what to do, punched her in the face. Joy, Wes’ mother was very upset because Wes had hit a “girl”, and set him to his room. Wes’ father calmed Joy down by

  • Book Review

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    Book Review by Martha Hall Findlay, March 2011 Approaching Public Administration – Core Debates and Emerging Issues Edited by Roberto P. Leone (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Frank L.K. Ohemeng (University of Ottawa); 2011, Emond Montgomery Publications I recommend this book to all Members of Parliament. I will go further, and suggest that it should be mandatory reading for all Ministers. As an MP, I was very pleased to be asked to read it and to provide my thoughts. As I responded when first asked

  • Book Review

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    Gagandeep Singh Book Review A thesis can be defined as something an author tries to prove to their audience. A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage provides a very brilliant thesis. Tom Standage’s thesis is to inform the audience reading the book about the six vital drinks that helped make up history. He explains this by showing how the drink influenced major events around the globe. He begins with beer which the oldest from the six drinks and ends with the youngest drink Coca-Cola

  • Online Teen Forum Review Essay

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    The Book & Reader forums is a place designed for users of all ages to discuss books. Within the forums of this website there is one forum described as being intended for children and young adult books. This forum seems to receive a limited amount of traffic. A search using the forum’s search feature revealed that since the beginning of the year there have been 33 posts. While some of these posts were written by adults, I also a detected several that appeared to have been written by teens. The

  • Book Review

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    INDIVIDUAL DYNAMICS AND LEADERSHIP – BOOK REVIEW The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das   CONTENT S. No. Topic Page No. 1. Introduction and summary 1 2. Objective of study 1 3. Method of study 1 4. Critical Analysis of Chapters 2 4.1 Duryodhana’s Envy 2 4.2 Draupadi’s Courage 2 4.3 Yudhishthira’s Duty 3 4.4 Yudhishthira’s Remorse 4 4.5 Arjuna’s Despair 5 4.6 Krishna’s Guile 6 4.7 Bhishma’s Selflessness 6 4.8 Karna’s Status Anxiety 7 4.9 Conclusion 8 5. Key Learning

  • Book Review

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    communicate with each other and act like humans. Animal farm is a book concerned about the politics of leadership and the rise of fall of great leaders; also the events surrounding the Animal Farm are mirrored to the events that took place during the Russian Revolution. There is also a relevance and resemblance of the occurrences in the book with the operations of a business and business communication. Within the content of the book, there were many parallels identified that existed with business

  • Features Of Writing A Review At A Professional Standard

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    Regardless of the object being reviewed, there are a number of essential features of writing a review at a professional standard. This essay will examine each of those features with reference to two reviews of films which explore a specific theme. Firstly, however, the meaning of the term ‘professional standard’ must be established. There are standards that all professions must follow. These are to do with ethics and values. At the very least, standards

  • Book Review and Reflection

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    Book Review and Reflection on “The One Minute Manager” Group Process in Supervision EDAD 511 October, 23 2008 I chose “The One Minute Manage” because it looked like a short read and it appeared that it was going to generalize hundreds of different type of management theories into a few pages. This is a short, well written book explaining the fundamentals of management: make sure your staff member knows what they are to do, praise them if they do it, reprimand them if they don 't, and

  • The Alchemist Book Review

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    * Mundane Wisdom Book review of “The Alchemist” Regine Carlo N. Alvarez BSBA-FTM/ I-2 The theme of the phenomenal novel “The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho revolves around dreams, symbols, and adventure. It tells of a young shepherd named Santiago who travels around Andalusia and once dreams of a treasure hidden in the pyramids of Egypt. It is a book full of wisdom and life lessons used to achieved one’s dreams and fulfill self-happiness. The story opens in the

  • The Corporation - Book Review

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    The Corporation: A Book Review Joel Bakan’s book, The Corporation: the Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, is a decisive look into the mind of the corporation, or big business. It outlines the importance of profit in business and how ruthless corporations are willing to be in order to bring in substantial revenue. The book uses a historical timeframe to portray the ruthlessness of business ever since the idea of the corporation arose in the 17th century. It provides an insight into a world

  • Book Review : ' The Google '

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    Nick Peist History 155 Book Review 11/18/15 Omission Is Bliss In The Google Story, authors David A. Vise and Mark Malseed narrate the success story of Google’s creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This text goes to great lengths to give the complete story on how Google on because the largest search engine the world has seen since its conception in 1998. Vise and Malseed argued that with sheer intelligence, innovation, and unique business tactics Google has created an empire. And after such a

  • Book Review : ' The Notebook '

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    Tamara Bodagh Humanities 1210 November, 24th 2014 The Notebook film review The Notebook is a 2004 American romantic drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes and based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. The notebook is a phenomenal film with incredible performances and many heartfelt moments. It’s a love story that told by a man (Garner) from the present day reading from a faded note book to a woman (Rowlands) in a nursing home. The note book follows the life of two teens during 1940s who have very different

  • Blink - Book Review

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    Institute Managing Human Behaviour Assignment Blink by Malcolm Gladwell A book review by Narendran Santhanam (G10031) Contents Introduction 3 A brief summary 3 Evaluation 5 Conclusion 5 Introduction “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant – in the blink of an eye – that actually aren’t as simple as they seem. The book deals with the smallest components of our everyday lives—the content and origin

  • Review Of ' The Book ' Spark '

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    Review of the Book Spark Colleen A. Hendy University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing and Health Innovation In partial fulfillment of the requirements of N3335 Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Cynthia Koomey, MSN, RN May 6, 2017 Review of the Book Spark In the book “Spark” author John J. Ratey, MD describes how exercise can physically help out our brains. Anywhere from doing better on a test, improving grades, combating stress, anxiety, and depression; to helping with addiction, hormonal

  • Examples of Book Review

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    Example of Book Review The Ka, a novel An example of book review writing can be found listed with most books sold on the Net and on the writer’s Web sites. A good sample book review would pertain to writing your personal feelings about a book that you’ve read. Writing a book review is not to be confused with writing a summary of a book. Writing a summary is a totally different matter and that will be covered eventually in my Articles section. In my opinion, no real format exists for writing

  • Entwistle Book Review

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    Book Review: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: David Entwistle Yvonne M. Garcia Liberty University Summary David Entwistle’s (2010) book, Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration, opens the reader’s eyes to unexpected possibilities, beginning with the often combative regimes of faith and reason using Tertullian’s symbolism of Athens as the seat of reason and Jerusalem

  • The Goal - Book Review

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    Book Review of "Goal" 1. What is the problem? Alex Rogo was a plant manager at the Barrington Plant of Uniware, a division of UniCo. One day Bill Peach, division vice president visited his plant and found that there were lots of problems with schedule arrangement, quality, cost & inventory control in his plant. These problems had already made the organization lose money. At last Bill gave Alex three months to improve, otherwise, the plant would be closed. Three months?! That was all Alex Rogo was

  • Book Review : ' Bubby '

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    My sixty-year old grandmother, Helaine Bondar, conveniently lives in Baltimore, MD. This made the interview quite convenient, and we were able to sit down face-to-face on her dining room table chairs with a plate of cookies for the interview. "Bubby" as I call her, was born in New York City and lived there her entire youth. She only had one sister, Suzette, who still lives in New York City (my grandmother recalls at this time that my great-grandmother was very fond of French names.) When asked about

  • Essay Book Review

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    The book, Honor and the American Dream: Culture and Identity in a Chicano Community, and the film, Salt of the Earth, both relay to their audience, the pursuit of happiness within the Chicano community in which they live. These works aim to show how Mexican-American immigrants fight to keep both their honor and value systems alive in the United States of America, a country which is foreign to their traditions. The Mexican-Americans encountered in these works fight for their culture of honor in

  • Book Review of 'Sandal'

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    In Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do? (2009), Michael J. Sandal argues that politics and society require a common moral purpose beyond the assertion of natural rights like life liberty and property or the utilitarian calculus of increasing pleasure and minimizing pain for the greatest number of people. He would move beyond both John Locke and Jeremy Bentham in asserting that "a just society can't be achieved simply by maximizing utility or by securing freedom of choice" (Sandal 261). Justice

  • Book Review : ' Quinceanera '

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    F is for formal, festival, and fifteen. Fifteen isn’t just a number, but it is an important celebration event in the hispanic community called quinceañera. When I was the age fifteen it was when i marked to make the transition of a young women into womanhood. A quinceañrea is a huge celebration to the young women’s family, because it’s almost as important as a wedding. It takes month of planing, but I only had under a month to get everything ready. Having less than a month felt like i was a little

  • Walls Book Review

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    This is the issue Rush begins to portray in his book, Walls. Rush paints a wonderful picture of how we, as Christians, are to live authentic lives. He provides much Biblical insight in this book to help us break the walls holding us back. We might overcome these stumbling blocks by learning to trust and chase after our Creator with all we have. Only then, He will begin to unveil His plan and promises. One of the greatest quotes of this book, is Ryan’s definition of a wall. He describes them

  • Book Review Korea

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    I confess that before reading the book Korea: The Impossible Country (and taking classes in college), I did not know much about South Korea or North Korea. The focus of this book is on South Korea but as both Koreas are historically intertwined, North Korea is also many times cited or referred to in the pages of this work. Korea: The Impossible Country, written by the journalist and writer Daniel Tudor and published by Tuttle Publisher - Tokyo, is a book acclaimed by the international press.

  • Book Review : ' Inferno '

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    world. Mary Jo Bang, the author of six books of poetry, claims a spot one of them. Craig Morgan Theicher states, "[Bang 's] Inferno is a classic recast for our age, a Hell we 'll find ourselves in, an old poem made new by one of our most surprising and innovative poets." (Indiebound, "Inferno: A New Translation") Dante 's Inferno thrives in its fame holding tremendous amounts of reasons for its popularity. The first thing that draws readers’ attention to any book most likely involves the title of the

  • Macbeth Book Review

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    Ladan Abdullahi Macbeth’s Destiny: The Tragedy of Macbeth Review William Shakespeare is a playwright and actor born in April 1564. William, a wealthy landowner who lived in Stratford upon-Avon, married Anne Hathaway and had three children. In 1623, Shakespeare published The Tragedy of Macbeth. Whilst researching for Macbeth, “Shakespeare found a spectacle of violence- the slaughter of whole armies and of innocent families, the ambush of noble by murderers, the brutal execution of rebels. He

  • Book Review Essay

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    acquiring that success requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Yet it is often difficult to maintain the continual motivation needed to overcome the frequent obstacles and setbacks that litter the road to success. C.P Neck’s and C. Manz’s book, Mastering Self-Leadership: Empowering Yourself for Personal Excellence, explores strategies and tools to strengthen the key attribute that provides sustenance for an individual’s motivation, self-leadership. The tools encompass ideas such as world-altering

  • Book Review :'secret '

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    Secret Since the revelation, she shut herself away in the consultant’s office and shouted at everyone who dared to enter. No member of staff dared come close, even when it was regarding a patient; they knew now it was best to steer clear and that there would only be one person who could possibly settle Serena’s mood. That person was none other than Ric Griffin, he had been vacant in Hospital life for almost a year; when all of a sudden her reappeared and he and Serena had this blossoming romance

  • Review Of ' The Book ' Of Dibs '

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    The book of Dibs is a very interesting read, it is about a young boy who has a rich family and dad is a well-known scientist and little sister gets all the attention and is a brat. Dibs attends a private school and doesn’t receive the attention he needs from his home life. The teachers observe Dibs and his actions as he sits in the classroom or crawls around the room and hides. Dibs loves books and is always grabbing for some or finding some books to open. Dibs seems to come off to me as unsocial

  • Book Review : ' The Odyssey '

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    describe Telemachos to a friend, I would have plenty to say about him. In the novel, The Odyssey, Telemachos is the son of Odysseus. He is a young adult, and curious of the whereabouts of his father. Telemachos also has a large amount of courage in the book. Before the help of Athena, he was not much of a man and had little confidence. When it was needed, Athena gave him the gift of courage. A few situations where he showed his courage were in chapter two. The first was when the council met in the Market-

  • Book Review : ' Vengeance '

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    Vengeance Logline: When a young girl goes missing, her friend and older brother try to find out whether his father is responsible… but the true culprit may be supernatural in nature. Key characters: Aubrie Nobir – a popular, intellectual teenager who is Jillian’s babysitter/friend. With her strong personality and malicious intent she walks over anyone who is beneath her. Nick Stilhare- an awkward, shy teenager who is on the baseball team, but he rarely plays. He is a meek kid who

  • Book Review : ' Odyssey '

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    Alexis Lauren Robinson December 03, 2014 Odyssey Sections Book Thirteen: 1-79: The section of this book in which Alcinous is stunned by how much Odysseus has suffered. Alcinous believes that he will sail home from Ithaca. The king and the rest of his people throw him a type of celebration in which they slaughter an ox, sing, and Odysseus is launched into the sea. 80-212: Royal escorts took the gifts produced by the queen

  • Book Review : ' The Butterfly '

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    Nyx 's POV My little brother and I were walking home from his primary school and decided to take the long way as we still had some time before we had to be home. The long way to our house was always more exciting than the shortcut, as there were all kinds of butterfly 's fluttering about, not to mention there was an awesome playground on the way as well. Phoenix, my brother, and I decided to play around for a little and, once we had finished playing, decided to try and catch the butterfly 's that

  • Review Of The Book ' The Woods '

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    She reached her arms up to her head searching for any cuts trying to move the rest of her body as little as possible. She reached up and felt a large gash spanning from her parietal bone all the way to her temporal bone. Now that she thought about it, she had a pretty bad headache and felt kind of like vomiting. Vomiting and head injuries were never good signs. Dammit! There 's no way I am going to die out in the woods. THE WOODS! I 'll make it back to you, Calliope. Quite a bit of blood had pooled

  • Review Of The Book ' Strange '

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    Strange. Omari followed the curves of the older man’s back as he helped him with his armor, scared and torn from years of abuse, not too far from his own. He put as much warmth into his voice as he could as he traced the notches of the man’s shoulders, attempting to find even the smallest bit of comfort in the tension. Daksha turned his eye to him quickly, his greying hair brushing against Omari’s face in the motion. The Ashari pulled his hands back quickly, a string of apologies rushing from his

  • Book Review : Being Logical

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    Book Review of Being Logical: A Guide to Good Thinking Being Logical: A guide to Good Thinking is a one hundred and sixty pages book authored by D Q. Mclnemy. It was published in 2005 in New York by the Random House Trade Paperbacks and currently goes for between $ 12.95 and $ 14.88 depending on the seller. Bibliographical Information of The Author And Background of The Book D Q. Mclnemy is a PhD holder and currently holds different position in the field of academics and psychology in different

  • The Paleo Recipe Book Review

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    The Paleo Recipe Book Review 2014- is it greatest Paleo Recipes cookbook? You must be here to know as to The Paleo Recipe Book published by Hazel T Brown as it 's the very best within all paleo recipe books during the web based marketplace, just before I get started in the paleo recipe book review i have to know you a few justification of "Paleolithic diet" or even "Paleo diet", you will observed that a large figure of health sicknesses such as autoimmune sicknesses, being overweight, diabetes, heart

  • Hamilton's Curse Book Review

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    Book Review: Hamilton’s Curse: How Jefferson’s Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution- and what it means for America Today What kind of country is the United States of America? Is it really the land of the free or are the Americans controlled by an imperial presidency? Is America peaceful and prosperous? Is it possible to identify the source of America’s economic problems? Some people have a clear picture of how things really are; while others are never able to see the entire scope of

  • . “Execution”-Goreman Book Review

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    position ourselves for the upcoming re-bid, upper management has asked me to review.” They want to determine if the book would be a good tool to recommend for our managers as we try shift efforts on slimming our cost and preparation for a new contract. “Execution” is a management guide that prides itself on grooming managers to focus on production, results, and finally accomplishments. Overall, it was a quick and dirty book that was very direct. It has some great ideas to consider, especially for

  • Book Review: The Prince Essay

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    asked to read a history novel and write a book review on it. I chose to read The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, and it sure did not disappoint. For a book on history, it was not so bad. The two parts to this review include a summary and a critical analysis. This paper will discuss the major points Machiavelli made in his book and analyze his tone and writing style, with an overall critique. The Prince is a novel written in 1513 by Niccolo Machiavelli. This book contains 26 chapters, focusing on acquiring

  • Book Review On The Vietnam War

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    Cameron Schmidt Morris Clovis Community College 5/4/16 Book Review on the Vietnam War by Mark Atwood Lawrence Lawrence, Mark A. The Vietnam War. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 2001. Print. Over the preceding period, a lot of scholars have tried to explore the international proportions that underlie the Vietnam War. By way of exploring the dimensions that are related to this war, they have succeeded in nudging what is believed to be the gravity that is associated with Vietnam War erudition

  • Cheap Amusement Book Review

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    Dereck Rickman Scott Keys History 9September2012 In the book, Cheap Amusements: Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of-the-Century New York, Piess takes the reader on the journey of trials and tribulations in working-class women’s lives in the turn of the century. Going in depth of the unfair familial roles and societal female disparities, all the way to what women liked to wear and do for leisure, Piess allows the reader to step into a time machine and gives them a first-class look into what a woman’s

  • Book Review of Domestic Violence

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     Book Review on “Domestic Violence: The 12 Things You Aren’t Supposed to Know” Written By: Thomas James T.B. James has written a hard-hitting and incisive book focusing on current myths about domestic violence in the United States that turns the conventional approach on its ear (Domestic Violence: The 12 Things You Aren’t Supposed to Know, 2003). A practicing attorney in Minnesota and founder/director of Better Resolutions Mediation Service, James’s short

  • The Tipping Point Book Review

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    The Tipping Point Book Review Introduction This book report discusses the best seller nonfiction book, “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell. This book is an interesting read to understand the science of epidemics in all areas of life. The author various examples to elaborates as to how small actions at the right time, in the right and with the right people can create a tipping point for a product/service. For instance, Hush Puppies ‘tipped’ in 1993, when a few fashion-forward hipsters from Soho

  • Book Review on Fdr Essay

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    Meagan Beckwith U.S History 1302 23 June 2013 Professor Wooten Book Review on Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States. While being president he was trying to lead our country through a time of economic depression and total war. Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the most important leaders of the 20th century. Alan Brinkley, the author of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, wrote this biography in order to show Roosevelt’s life from childhood to presidency