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    Epidemiology Paper Anavictoria Fortaleza March 5, 2012 NUR408 Epidemiology Paper Vulnerable populations are "those with a greater than average risk of developing health problems by virtue of their marginalized socio-cultural status, their limited access to economic resources, or personal characteristics such as age and gender" (De Chesnay & Anderson, 2008). Infants and young children are vulnerable to a host of healthcare problems, they are susceptible to viral infection especially respiratory

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    Epidemiology Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Descriptive epidemiology is based on two important premises which are central in the field. The first premise states that disease does not occur in isolation. Secondly, patterns of disease occurrence are placed under three important categories of person, place and time. This paper seeks to build understanding on the three areas by giving relevant examples where they are applied.

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    Epidemiology Paper Roshanda Dixon Grand Canyon University: NRS-427V March 27, 2015 Abstract According to the reading epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of the health related stated or events (WHO, 2013). The purpose of this study is to gain control of the disease and other major health issues. Tuberculosis is one of the most largest nationwide diseases that are spread throughout the continent. The description of the disease along with how it’s spread and the treatable

  • Epidemiology of Homeless

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    Epidemiology of Homeless/Indigent People with Mental Illness Vulnerable populations are defined in many ways. Variables of the definition are dependent on the author, their current location and how they believe that they may assist this population. Vulnerability as defined in a healthcare setting are those with a greater than average risk of developing health problems by virtue of their marginalized sociocultural status, their limited access to economic resources, or personal characteristics such

  • What is Epidemiology?

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    amongs others, that will further prevent other diseases from occurring. Using epidemiology and the epidemiology triangle diabetes in African Americans will be observed. This health concern in many communities in the United States that can be prevented and helped, but information is the key to success. In this paper we will be examining the definition and description of epidemiology, the steps and methods of epidemiology, reviewing the data of the selected population. We will also be looking at the

  • Statement Of Epidemiology

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    dentistry. I loved studying it, perhaps an academic subject name Public Health Dentistry, changed my views towards the life. Epidemiology was one of its core parts. I was so much impressed by this subject as it is a source for knowing preventive measures and precautions for any disease, hence I decided that after completing dentistry I will make my path towards epidemiology. Since then, I often thought about the causes and the prevention of various diseases. I have been a professional and a volunteer

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    Epidemiology Paper NUR/408 July 23, 2012 Abstract Epidemiology is viewed as the fundamental science of public health and is key in endorsing optimal health in the community as a whole (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Epidemiologic study and practice continues to reform public health and endeavors to prevent disease in communities across the world. This paper will address through descriptive epidemiology, the rising disease of obesity and will focus on the teen and adolescent population of the United

  • Epidemiology of Chickenpox

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    Epidemiology of Chickenpox Karissa N. Martinez Grand Canyon University: NRS-427V 05/16/2014 Epidemiology of Chickenpox This essay was written to explain the epidemiology of chickenpox and allow the reader to develop a better understanding of the disease. The author intended for the reader to become informed about the causes, symptoms, mode of transmission, complications, treatment and mortality and morbidity rates. Also, the reader will become familiar with the determinants of health

  • Epidemiology Of COPD

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    Mclvor et al. state that the epidemiology of this disease will continue to change and the number of cases among women will rise (2010). In 1998, the WHO estimated that COPD was the fifth most common cause of death worldwide. (Mclvor et al., 2010) Also, the Global Burden of Disease Studies

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    Epidemiology Paper This paper will discuss the communicable disease influenza. It will discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatments, as well as the demographics of interest. It will also discuss the determinants of health and how these factors contribute to the development of influenza. Included in this paper will be information on host, agent, and environmental factors. Lastly it will explain the role of the community health nurse in caring for those affected with influenza and the role they play