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  • Copy Editor is Bringing a Story to Print

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    What a copy editor does with a draft of a story going to print: --looks for missing words, missing elements of the story, missing attributes. For example, if a person named James Dodd is mentioned, that person’s identity as it relates to the story must be attached to the name when it is first cited, so that if Dodd, a manager at Hudson’s Bay Company, is quoted again, the reader knows who the person is. --corrects the lead and adjusts the structure of the story so that, for instance, the paragraphs

  • The Microsoft Programs

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    three have the home tab in their ribbons. All three of these programs have the home tab in the ribbon. The home tab is where you will find the cut, copy and paste features. The cut, copy and paste is a great tool to have, it where you can delete large section rearrange portions of your document and or projects. With these commands you can also use them to copy your document to other places such as the blackboard at CCU. On the home tab you will notice that all three have the control to change your font

  • Personal Narrative: What I Do When Outsourcing Tasks

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    Could you just make it look pretty?' So I just cut and pasted some images dragged off a website, copy, inserted some images just choosing the basic drag and drop into a sales letter side of things. I did my version of a call out box. Here's some screen capture material done, add to cart button. Rather than say, I want a sales letter written for my small business outsourcing projects, here's the copy, I mocked up roughly how I wanted it to be. I got the end result for $150. He did make one slight

  • The Importance Of Plagiarism In Writing

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    Choices Plagiarism is when you take any form of writing and make it your own without giving proper credit to the owner. You can also be plagiarizing if you use some of your old work without the teacher knowing you did so. In universities across America about ¾ of people are involved in some kind of academic dishonesty (Heckler, Rice, and Bryan 229). Many students have different reasons as to why they had to cheat on an assignment and they range from not having enough time, not getting the sufficient

  • An Honest Awai Copywriting Program Review By Professional Copywriter Dan Furman

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    An honest AWAI Copywriting Program Review by Professional Copywriter Dan Furman On this page, I’ll be reviewing a popular home-business opportunity / product. In this case, a copywriting product. Quick note: This is an honest, unbiased review. In interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate, and will get a small commission if you buy it through the link at the bottom of the page. Believe me, it’s not enough to risk tainting my name in any way. That’s why my review below is as honest as possible

  • Copy Article On Copy Right Law

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    Meng Sun Rough Draft Copy Right Law in Fashion In this modern society, laws are everywhere to protect our daily lives. However, leakages still existed between laws, one of the most contradictory law is the copyright law. Especially in fashion industry where trends change comparably fast, designers sometimes could get lack of inspirations and may look at others’ works. Sometimes the boundary between “inspiration” and “copy” is really vague. Is there a way to define ownership in fashion industry

  • Copy and Paste

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    Question: Discuss if the EPA. (European Partnership Agreement) is good or bad for Jamaica. Be it resolved that the European Partnership Agreement is good for Jamaica. According to Ian McDonald in a statement he made in the Gleaner dated April 23, 1997, “I cannot understand why those who governs poor countries like ours, and those who are influential in them, seem to accept so easily the free trade cult”. This is how he regards the EPA. However, before I seek to clarify and support

  • Thesis Copy

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    WIRELESS FINGERPRINT BASED STUDENT ATTENDANCE SYSTEM A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering by Debidutt Acharya(10602015) and Arun Kumar Mishra(10602061) Under the guidance of Prof. Susmita Das Department of Electrical Engineering National Institute of Technology Rourkela-769008 2010 WIRELESS FINGERPRINT BASED STUDENT ATTENDANCE SYSTEM A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of

  • Copy and Paste

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    PERHAPS IT WEIGHS only 2 ounces overall. Large ones may run to 4 ounces. But when that badge is pinned on, there is a weight unknown to most law enforcement officers. The true weight of the badge is not overcome by muscle, not found in the gym, not measured on a scale. This weight requires a strength and conditioning for which few officers are trained. The badge is not just pinned on a chest, it is pinned on a lifestyle. The heaviness of the badge makes the law enforcement officer different from

  • The Copy-Rights Law : The Laws Of Copy Rights Laws

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    This particular article deals mainly with the different copy right laws that have been made throughout all these years and what exactly they do. Within the article the reader can expect to find in-depth details on each copy right law, what it does, and how long it is effective for. The author mentions first that around fifteen years ago it was President Bill Clinton that signed a copyright extension law. The article explains that when America was first founded that copyright protection was only good