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Meng Sun
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Copy Right Law in Fashion

In this modern society, laws are everywhere to protect our daily lives. However, leakages still existed between laws, one of the most contradictory law is the copyright law. Especially in fashion industry where trends change comparably fast, designers sometimes could get lack of inspirations and may look at others’ works. Sometimes the boundary between “inspiration” and “copy” is really vague. Is there a way to define ownership in fashion industry? This paper discusses why fast fashion brands like ZARA take no responsibility for plagiarism and appropriated trends started by independent designers. Copyright law is designed to protect literary and artistic works was well as innovation such …show more content…

ZARA wins the customers because of its fast prediction on what customers like and quick supplies on fashion pieces according to the needs of customers. During my research in ZARA stores, ZARA comes up with new collection every two weeks and each new collections contains different kinds of styles various from easy street wear to mature workplace looks. Unlike most of the high-ends brands which comes up with a new collection each season and each collection has a harmony flows that connect pieces into one style, ZARA wins most of its customers by its fast speed of collection development and varsity domains of designs. Among all the designs, some look familiar and comparably similar to independent designers’ work. The left picture is from ZARA’s collection in March 2017 and the right one is from Balenciaga’s new collection. The sneakers looks almost the same from outside. Both of the shoes are trainer with white textured sole. It is not hard to find other designs that have a appearance of plagiarism in ZARA’s store. According to the interview with customers who shop at ZARA often, the plagiarism does not affect their preferences to ZARA since they appreciate the fact that they can buy the same design in a lower price. Also, in the Balenciaga case, the original sneaker sold out immediately after they came out and many people who can not wait for the pre-order choose to buy the

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