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  • College Education In College

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    College is a place where most go to further their education. A high school diploma will not get students by in life anymore. While college is said to be considered the “best time of your life”, it has many downfalls, the price. This leads to a high number of student debt and student loans. It is estimated that the average outstanding student loan balance per debtor is $30,000. A college education was not always this expensive however. Loans were originally only offered to Harvard alumni in the 1840’s

  • The Importance Of College Education

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    is whether or not to go to college. Harvard as the first college founded in 1636. At this point only 4% of young people attended college (Anderberg, Jeremy. “Is College for Everyone?). As of 2013 there are about 14 million students enrolled in a 4 year institutions, and that number is expected to jump to around 20 million in the next few years (Anderberg, Jeremy. “Is College for Everyone?). College is hard and is not for everybody, but is it worth it? A college education is worth it in many ways it

  • College Education In College

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    A college education is becoming a necessity in today society to live a wonderful life. Almost, every job requires a person to be at least be a high school graduate to even entire a workforce. On average high school, graduate makes around $28,000 a year which is not nearly enough to support your family. Therefore, nearly everyone wants to live the American Dream. The American dream is an idea of living a life by material wealth and comfort. In our present society, it is not easy to achieve that dream

  • My College Education

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    Ever since I was fifteen I wanted to attend college. I wanted to do something with my life and peruse a dream. I knew a college education was an important aspect and I wanted to experience it. I had goals that I wanted to achieve, and I knew it was not going to easy. I need to find a way to support the cost, the illness my mother was going through, and the negative comments I received because, I wanted something better. I believe college is something everyone should at least think about going to

  • Importance Of College Education

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    get in my life. To finish college means the world to me, it is important to me to be the first to graduate in my family from a four year college. I’m not giving up on the dream of me getting a wonderful job because college education is important to me and I have to get a good education to get there. Getting a successful job also will better my future and will set me up to do well in life. My goal is to get an opportunity to receive good scholarships to boost my education and excel for the future.

  • College And College Education

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    Today people disagree about whether going to college and getting a college degree is worth all of the hassle. To some entering the workforce out of high school is better than going to college to get the education required to do a job. The difference is in how someone was raised and what he or she believes. This is also shown in what kind of career that someone wants to do and the education required to do that job. Statistics show that people with an associates degree make one hundred twenty seven

  • The Importance Of Education In College

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    myself to finish high school with the highest GPA possible in order to get into a respectable school, and enroll in college right after high school. I choose to attend an in-state 4-year university while living with my parents. There are financial and developmental advantages to getting at least a bachelor’s degree. Longitudinal research suggests the longer a person remains in college, the higher they perform on Piaget’s formal operational tasks and other measures of abstract reasoning. Academic and

  • The Education Of College Education

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    College education has always been regarded as a national policy of every country in the world. It created an opportunity for citizens to improve the quality of life, and provide opportunities for all citizens to fulfill their dream to have a career and to be a responsible citizen in society. In the 1950s, American educators showed that college education provided for the fullest educational development for students to live morally, creatively, and effectively in a society democracy (Sloan). For the

  • Should College Be A College Education?

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    generations like mine is access to higher education. College is an incredibly integral step into adult-hood, and while there have been those that have seen large amounts of success without a college education, statistically speaking, you’ll be hard pressed to find a position in the field of work you prefer. Ironically, in today’s economy, you’ll be hard to pressed to find a job in your desired profession even with a college education. Over the years, college has seen unending rising tuition costs,

  • College Education

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    to be able to obtain a high school education. After high school, many of these students go on to pursue a college degree. In places such as my hometown, going to college is the norm, not the exception. However, this education comes at a cost. Some people would argue that the outcomes of college are worth the expense, while others would say that in today’s day and age college is a waste of time and money. Many higher education enthusiasts would argue that college is economically worth the financial