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College is a place where most go to further their education. A high school diploma will not get students by in life anymore. While college is said to be considered the “best time of your life”, it has many downfalls, the price. This leads to a high number of student debt and student loans. It is estimated that the average outstanding student loan balance per debtor is $30,000. A college education was not always this expensive however. Loans were originally only offered to Harvard alumni in the 1840’s. It was not until the twentieth century that the problems of student loans arose. In 1944 the GI Bill was introduced which fulfilled the need for more affordable education. It subsidized or completely covered the cost of college education for nearly half of WW2 veterans. By the 1990’s student loan debt began to change, and not for the better. In 1993, the average debt of a bachelor’s degree was approximately $9,000. So, when the question of a free college education is proposed many jump and say yes but looking at it through a rational lens, it would not be the best decision.
When applying to colleges, the first thing that should be considered is the price. Location and other details should be important too but the main questions that every student should ask them self is “Can I afford this?” or “How will I pay it off?” When students choose a college, we are fully aware of the cost. It is not as if we choose a college we are in love with, get accepted and then later be shocked

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