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  • Hurricane Andrew Essay

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    Hurricane Andrew Synoptic description of the disaster : On August 24th, 1992 in the state of Florida, complete destruction was the end result of Hurricane Andrew. A Hurricane that began in the Atlantic ocean at 20mph. That is almost twice the strength that normal hurricanes begin at. The peak strength of Hurricane Andrew was so strong that devices were not able to measure the winds. An approximation of the force of the winds was said to be up to 200mph. Andrew destroyed about 28,000 homes

  • Hurricane Andrew: The Worst Hurricane

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    Hurricane Andrew, some may say it was the worst hurricane ever to make landfall on US soil. In my research I have found that andrew was the worst for the 90’s time period. In the 90’s the people had very poor storm shelters for such a horrific storm a lot of people died because of this. In my research I found that this hurricane was the worst hurricane ever to to make landfall on US soil. But it is not the worst, Andrew is the third worst tropical storm to make landfall. Hurricane charley is 2nd

  • Hurricane Andrew Essay

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    Hurricanes are notoriously capricious. Andrew was a compact system. A little larger system, or one making landfall just a few nautical miles further to the north, would have been catastrophic for heavily populated, highly commercialized and no less vulnerable areas to the north. That area includes downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne and Fort Lauderdale. Andrew also left the highly vulnerable New Orleans region relatively unscathed.      Andrew moved nearly due westward

  • Hurricane Andrew Research Paper

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    Florida, Hurricane Andrew. On August 24, 1992, Category 5 Hurricane Andrew came through and devastated South Florida turning its full forces on Miami-Dade county. The aftermath of this hurricane was completely unbelievable and devastating, being that it was the most high-priced storm ever recorded in United States History. Rebuilding the community took several years and even after everything was rebuilt, citizens of South Florida, would never forget Hurricane Andrew. As many know, hurricanes are considered

  • Hurricane Andrew In South Florida

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    handful of these hurricanes that have been both costly and deadly. It was between August 24th and the 26th of 1992, when the second costliest hurricane to take place in the United States of America history. The name of that expensive storm is called Hurricane Andrew. Hurricane Andrew affected the areas of the Bahamas, Louisiana, and South Florida. Major damage was caused to the areas that Hurricane Andrew had passed through. South Florida suffered the most damage due to the hurricane. The damage caused

  • Hurricanes : Storms And Hurricanes

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    Hurricanes are unpredictable and extremely dangerous. Not all storms start out as hurricanes. They form out in the ocean near the coast of Africa. Through the hurricanes journey, how fast or slow the storm moves will depend on the weather fueling it. The projected path varies because of wind, rain, size of storm and whether it hit any land or not. Throughout history Florida has been the hardest hit area by hurricanes. Florida has had ten worst hurricanes which caused most people to try and flee

  • Natural Disasters, A Study Of Events

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    Micheal Boor GO125DL Natural Disasters Park University Ms. Jill Lockard 02 May 2017 Natural Disasters, A Study of Events 2 Abstract The intent of this paper is to describe three natural disasters; for this paper we will describe a hurricane, an earthquake and a mudslide. We will briefly discuss how, or if, our ancestors were able to predict and therefore mitigate loss of life or damage to infrastructure for these types of disasters 100 years ago. Then we will look at how our modern

  • Florida 's List Of Natural Disasters

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    disaster that impacts Florida are Hurricanes. Hurricanes are powerful storms that can cause intense winds and massive damaging floods. One of the most famous hurricane to hit Florida was Hurricane Andrew. Compact in size Hurricane Andrew devastated southern Dade and Monroe counties. David Hickcox notes that “Andrew’s damage path was quite narrow; it appeared that a tornado had struck, rather than a hurricane” (par 8). Andrew is one of two category five hurricanes to ever hit Florida with winds reaching

  • Similarities Between Their Eyes Were Watching God And Their Eyes Were Watching God

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    The Hurricane and flood in the novel, “Their Eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston illuminates the similarity between the novel and the natural disaster that occurred in south Florida in 1992. In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the protagonist Janie marries and remarries three times in hope of finding the right man who can help her find her voice. As can be seen, Hurricane Andrew and the hurricane in the novel are similar in that they both correlate with one another. Janie walks

  • Natural Disasters Vs Earthquakes

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    Earthquakes and Hurricanes are two of the costliest natural disasters that have occurred around the world. Both Japan and the United States have been unfortunate to experience many of both, with the largest and costliest of each hitting both countries. While building codes continue to help with loss of life and destruction of structures, there are still forces of nature that will destroy and damage buildings regardless of the efforts that are made. With the cost of repairs increasing the destruction