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  • American Involvement In Vietnam

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    Being a Vietnamese, I always take great pride in my nation, whose peasantry army defeated imperialism. Vietnam has endured many hardships throughout its course of history, suffering the Chinese one-thousand-year occupation, the colonial rule of French and the involvement of America in Vietnam’s war. Although it was believed that an underdeveloped country like Vietnam couldn’t have vanquished these brutal enemies, they inflicted a heavy defeat on these invaders. Bravery, strategic-thinking and solidarity

  • Us Involvement in Vietnam

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    Joel Snoke Mrs. Ronane Senior English 1st 12/10/04 Thesis: The US involvement in the Vietnam War was justified. I. Background on Vietnam A. Vietnam pre WWII 1.French A. Colonialism B. Cruelty 2.USA A. Backing Ho Chi Minh B. War with Japan B. Vietnam post WWII 1. Ho chi Minh A. Early years B. Political years 2. Diem A. Anti-communism B. Brutal police II. Tet Offensive A. Viet Cong 1. Miscommunication A. Delay of message B. Element

  • Australia's Involvement In Vietnam

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    the dreaded napalm. Yes Vietnam. This decision was based on multiple reasons. The first reason was that we needed to stick to our treaty’s, The South- East Asia treaty (SEATO) and ANZUS, the alliance of Australia, New Zealand and the United States. The second reason was the fear of invasion from countries in the north that would be quickly taken over by communism i.e. the domino theory. Australia had been sent a request from the South Vietnamese government for involvement along side the US. Rumours

  • Hmong Involvement In Vietnam

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    Hmong involvement in the Vietnam War led families like the Yangs to immigrate to the United States. Yang was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, (Yang, pg. 53). Like some Hmong families, she was relocated to the United States. Yang was considered lucky because many other Hmong families were left behind in a country that considered them traitors, (George, 2010). The Hmong are an ethnic group in the highlands of Laos, the C.I.A recruited them to fight communism, and this conflict

  • Us Involvement In Vietnam

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    French involvement in Indochina ended after Viet Minh forces won the Battle of Dien Bien Phu on May 7th 1954. The victory of Dien Bien Phu led to the Geneva Conference in which the Viet Minh and French negotiated a ceasefire agreement. Vietnam was temporarily divided at the 17th parallel due to the terms of the Geneva Accord. During a 300-days period, citizens were able to move freely between two states. In 1956, two years after the battle of Dien Bien Phu, elections were to be held to establish

  • Involvement In The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War caused a spike in American deaths in the 1960’s. Even more Vietnamese citizens died due to United States troops. Children in South Vietnam wandered the streets as they yell for their dead parents. Soldiers lose their sanity over seas and kill there own United States soldiers. Even though the government told citizens the war would be over soon, the war seemed like a never ending battle full of ruthless killings and long suffering deaths. These just adds on to the many reasons why

  • The U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War

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    Geography 2 7 March 2014 How did the US involvement in the Vietnam War Impacted the US Socially, Economically, and Globally? The Vietnam War was one of the most outrageous and long-drawn out wars in history. The other name for the Vietnam War was called Cold-Era proxy War. The war had been battled in order to stop the spread of invasion from communism in the southern parts of Vietnam. The American played the role of a supporter to the southern part of Vietnam, trying to prevent communist from approaching

  • American Involvement In The Vietnam War

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    support in direct involvement in the Vietnam conflict. led to s formerly colonial countries not all countries thought the idea of American freedom and expression was the best thing for them and communism continued to spread. The policy of containment lead to a huge involvement in Vietnam(Nash 601). The hostility and struggle between the French and the Vietnamese became more powerful in the Cold War(Nash 602). After much power struggle between the communists and anti-communists of Vietnam, two Vietnamese

  • Veterans Involvement In The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam war was one of the most publicly hated wars in American history. The amount of people killed and the amount of people declared MIA is unfathomable. These troops were never liked, never supported, and to this day are over looked because no one wants to remember the years of the Vietnam war. Between 1955 to 1975 over 58,000 people were killed and 2,338 of those courageous men were declared MIA. These men were practically covered up and forgotten about. The Vietnam war was the first televised

  • Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War

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    Australia had quite a large involvement in the Vietnam War and it is still considered an important part of our history, as it is the longest Australia has been involved in any war. We were involved in the war from 1962 to 1972 and roughly 60000 Australian men and women served there. Our initial involvement was with military advisors to support the South Vietnamese army and then that escalated to sending fighting troops, as it was more difficult for the South Vietnamese army to defeat the Viet Cong