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  • The Life Of President James Monroe

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    President James Monroe Research Paper In this essay I will be discussing the life of President James Monroe. We will talk about his life at home, where he grew up, what he did in the Revolutionary War, and his time as president of the United States of America. First we will talk about James parents. James parents were pretty good parents and kind people. His parents names were Spence and Elizabeth Monroe (biography.com). James was their first child. Spence family emigrated from Scotland in the mid

  • James Monroe And The American Revolution

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    James Monroe, born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, to Spence Monroe and his wife Elizabeth Jones Monroe, was a very prominent man in history. James Monroe was also a very ambitious man who would, at most times, be a potential rival to many of his close companions in the presidential elections. He was the seventh Secretary of State, served as a member of the Congress of the Confederation, served as a U.S. Senator, served as the governor of Virginia, and was the fifth U.S. president. Monroe also

  • James Monroe And The American Revolutionary War

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    James Monroe was one of the most qualified men to assume the presidential office. James Monroe took office from 1817 to 1825.  As the fifth president of the United States, Monroe helped the country transition away from European affairs and focus more on domestic issues. James Monroe was homeschooled by his mother then attended Campbell Town Academy. Monroe attended College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia in the year of 1774. However, James Monroe never finished two years late in order

  • James Monroe: The Fifth President of the United States Essay

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    James Monroe wasn’t born to live an ordinary life, but an extraordinary one. He was born April 28, 1758, in his parents house in a forest area of Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father Spence Monroe (1727-1774) worked as a planter and carpenter. James’s mother Elizabeth Jones (1730-1774) married his father in 1752 and they both had several children together. James grew up with his siblings by the same teachings of his mother. His parents died when he was a teenager. When he became of age, he

  • Importance of Nationalism and Sectionalism During James Monroe Presidency

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    The “Era of Good Feelings” was a traditional name given to the years of James Monroe’s presidency, following the end of the War of 1812. Events such as the Louisiana Purchase, which nearly doubled the size of American land and proved the Federalist party didn’t have much as they opposed the purchase, and fighting against the Barbary Pirates which gained the American navy respect made people in America proud to be there and led up to the “good feelings.” The time was mostly characterized by an increase

  • Social Studies : James Monroe

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    Studies James Monroe On April 28, 1758, James Monroe was born in a town of Westmoreland County, Virginia. His parents Spence Monroe a farmer and carpenter and his mother Elizabeth Jones Monroe had seven children. Monroe was the oldest of all his siblings and was home schooled. His mother was his teacher until 1769, at the age of eleven, Monroe attended his first school, Campbeltown Academy. James had thought that he would inherit his father 's farm, but in the year of 1774 Spence Monroe died. That

  • James Monroe: Heroes Of War

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    heroes of war or heroes of countries. James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States embodied both. By many James Monroe was considered the hero of the American Revolution. While men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson shaped the American presidency, James Monroe was able to leave his own footprint on the nation. James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland county, Virginia. Monroe’s parents died when he was in his mid-teens. James and his siblings shared an inheritance

  • James Monroe Essay examples

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    James Monroe was born in the quiet town of Westmoreland County, Virginia on April 28, 1758. His father, Spencer Monroe, was married to Elizabeth Jones in 1752. Spencer Monroe was a circuit judge and a farmer for the town (Kane 40). Monroe was the oldest of five. There were four other children; Andrew, Joseph, and Elizabeth. His third brother had died in his early childhood. He attended grammar school at a small academy for boys. This school had a reputation for serving the best of men, like George

  • James Monroe Short Biography

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    James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States. He was born April 28th, 1758. The town of his birth was Monroe Hill, Virginia. He was married to Elizabeth Monroe, with 2 daughters and a son. His son was James Monroe II, and his 2 daughters were Maria Monroe and Eliza Monroe. His father was Spence Monroe and his mother was Elizabeth Monroe. He had 4 brothers and 2 sisters. His brothers were Andrew Monroe, Joseph Monroe, Elliott Monroe, and John Monroe. His sisters were Elizabeth Monroe

  • James Monroe Biography

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    James Monroe was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on April 28th, 1758. His parents were Spence and Elizabeth Monroe. James attended Campbelltown Academy between 1769 and 1774, where he was an excellent student. Before this he was tutored by his parents. Monroe got his beginnings when he was young. At a young age James knew he wanted to study law. After his father died in 1774, James enrolled at Virginias college of William and Mary where he studied law. A couple months later he dropped