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  • The Joy Luck Club

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    Research Question: How and why does Amy Tan use storytelling to portray thematic elements in her book,The Joy Luck Club? Introduction: The Joy Luck Club is a novel known as the novel of stories within stories. This is because of how it is structured,Amy Tan writes about sixteen different interwoven stories about Chinese immigrant mothers and their relationships with their American born daughters. Amy Tan creates four different sections each of which contain four different narratives. In

  • Joy Luck Club, And Waverly Tan's Joy Luck Club

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    was really quite simple. I made the Huangs think it was their idea to get rid of me, that they would be the ones to say the contract was valid.” (Tan, “Joy Luck Club” 63). Lindo later stated, “They didn’t blame me so much. Huang Taitai got her grandson. I got my clothes, a rail ticket to Peking, and enough money to go to America.” (Tan, “Joy Luck Club” 66). Lindo Jong uses her deceitfulness to get herself out of the marriage, while Waverly Jong uses her deceitfulness to trick her opponents in chess

  • Comparison Of The BookThe Joy Luck Club And The Joy Luck Club

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    you without flinching – – they are your family.” No matter what, family will always help; the same can be said for friends who are family. In the article, “The Friendships That Hold Us Safely in Their Keep” by Sara Lukinson and the novel “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, many similarities and differences can be found pertaining to family. In many circumstances, friends become your family especially if they have stayed by your side. This can be said for both the novel and the article because they characterize

  • Joy Luck Club Analysis

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    the relationship will just be playing games, manipulating each other. The Joy Luck Club is about four Chinese mothers and their relationships with their daughters. The major influences that complicate these mother daughter relationships are differing opinions on cultural beliefs and a lack a trust between the mothers and daughters. Amy Tan shows the idea about trust's importance through the relationships in the Joy Luck Club through Waverly and Lindo Jong’s relationship, by showing that all relationships

  • Joy Luck Club Essay

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    In the novel, Joy Luck Club, we see Waverly Jong and June Woo’s competitiveness when Waverly becomes a child chess prodigy and June struggles to master the piano. This rivalry reflects how success and worth are depicted in this novel. A mother’s success would be encouraging or coercing their child to master a particular hobby and to improve constantly. A daughter’s worth would be determined by the daughter’s talents, and whether or not the daughter brings a good reputation for the family. We can

  • Analysis Of The Joy Luck Club

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    Whether it is wholesome or tough love, the bond of a mother and daughter can never be broken. “The Joy Luck Club” is the epitome of this notion. The anthology contains a series of sixteen vignettes, four of which belonging to one of each of the four members of The Joy Luck Club. These vignettes cover the perspectives of mothers who immigrated to America from China, along with the flip side point of view, taken over by each of their daughters. In the anthology, Tan reflects on her past life and incorporates

  • Summary Of ' The Joy Luck Club '

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    Exam Project Process Check #1 Book: The Joy Luck Club Author: Amy Tan By: Bala Sundaram Themes: A) The Joy luck Club presents a couple of themes but one of which, relates to an issue that is affecting many immigrant families who bring up their kids in foreign countries. In forwards, the difficulty in speaking and translating another language.The mothers and daughters in the book have difficulty in communicating their ideas and feelings with one another.The problems associated with communicating

  • Joy Luck Club Analysis

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    as well.” (Tan 213). The Joy Luck club is a book containing sixteen stories told by four mother-daughter pairs, as well as four anecdotes about no particular character. The mothers are all Chinese Immigrants. Each mother's story details their experiences in China, while the daughters talk about life in America. The exception to this is with the Woo family, where the mother, Suyuan, has passed away, and the daughter, June, tells her stories for her. In ‘The Joy Luck Club’, Amy Tan uses the stories

  • Summary Of The Joy Luck Club

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    Paragraph 2 of page 9 fits well into The Joy Luck Club. During this passage, Jing-Mei Woo tells the story about why her mother, who passed away, moved to America. “So you can see how quickly Kweilin lost its beauty for me. I no longer climbed the peaks to say, How lovely are these hills! I only wondered which hills the Japanese had reached. I sat in the dark corners of my house with a baby under each arm, waiting with nervous feet and scurried to the deep caves to hide like wild animals. But you

  • Analysis Of The Joy Luck Club

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    There are several themes in the book, “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan. I am going to talk about a couple of them. The first one I would like to talk about is immigration. Immigration in the book is from the perspective of a Chinese family coming to America to look for a better life. Their old life in Kweilin was going really bad, “But the worst were the northern peasants who emptied their noses into their hands and pushed people around and gave everybody their dirty diseases.” They, like the family