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  • The Components Of Language Learners

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    components of language are 1- We have to aware of classroom discourse strategies and routine,and use them consciously to scaffold new vocabulary in a meaningful context. 2- We have to focus on vocabulary building, but to not overwhelm students with new vocabulary list of seven or fewer words should be worked on over relatively long periods. 3- We have to use more visuals as our gold teach. 4-We have to promote peer interactions,tutoring, and cooperative work group. Students who are learning language, whether

  • Language And Culture : Language Learners

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    and cultural groups. Despite this, few educational systems truly embrace these diverse languages and cultures inside the classroom or through instruction (Pinnock, 2009). “Language is the channel through which people’s cultures are transmitted”, but promoting only one or two languages deemed important the school system is separating many children from their culture (Pinnock, 2009). The ways in which language and culture are utilized in the classroom can be a “vital barrier or enabler” in successfully

  • English Language Learner

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    English language learners as a new and homogenous population. Actually ELLs are a highly heterogeneous and complex group of students, with diverse gifts, educational needs, backgrounds, languages, and goals. An English language learner is an individual that is of another culture and has migrated to America to live, learn, become educated and find a career. English language learners have been coming to America and continue to migrate here more and more. Most of them speak different languages as Spanish

  • The Problem Of English Language Learners

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    home language other than English in nearly every classroom and we, as teachers must be adequately prepared to assist them in reaching their fullest potential. “Many students today struggle to meet high academic standards, but ELLs have the added complexity of having to learn and use high-level academic English as they study challenging content in a new language (Echevarria, 2008).” English Language Learners come from diverse backgrounds and enter our classrooms speaking numerous languages. In order

  • The Is An English Language Learner

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    An ELL is an English Language Learner. There are countless and diverse people around the world who become ELLs for a variety of reasons. This could include fulfilling a language credit during the years of general education, or in order to acculturate to an English-speaking country or group of people. ELL’s bring their own preunderstanding of language to their learning experience, just as teachers bring their own unconscious bias to their classrooms. Teachers of English need to keep an open mind,

  • English Language Learners

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    WORKING WITH ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS: STRATEGIES FOR ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS Annette Zehler At the beginning of this school year, you may have discovered that there were one or more students in your class who did not grow up speaking English. They were raised in another country, or perhaps even in the United States, but where another language was primarily spoken at home. These students, who may not speak English at all or, at least, do not speak, understand, and write English

  • The Problem With English Language Learners

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    One of the reasons that some students struggle in studying and learning in core areas is lack of content-related vocabulary. We acknowledge that the most challenging situation is with English language learners (ELLs). This is the reason Texas has adopted the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) to be able to support the ELLs as they learn the required Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). However, on a large scale, we observe that even some of our students who are native English

  • English Language Learners : English Learners Essay

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    English language learners (ELL) consisted of 22.3 percent of the total enrollment in California public schools (Facts about English Learners in California - CalEdFacts, 2015). Tends to be ignored or receives not quite the equality in education as their Native English speakers (NES) counter parts. Over the past few years there has been a surge in dual language immersion (DLI) programs (also known two-way immersion), which have resulted in much success (Lindholm-Leary, 2012, p. 256). It has been found

  • The Errors Of Second Language Learners

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    stressed the significance of errors of second language learners. Corder (1967), for example, in his important article, notes that "they are significant in three different ways. First, to the teacher, in that they show how far towards the goal the learner has progressed. Second, they provide to the researcher evidence of how a language is acquired, what strategies the learner is employing in his learning of a language. Thirdly, they are indisputable to the learner himself because we can regard the making

  • Language Assessments For English Language Learners Essay

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    Spinelli Chapter 5 Oral and English Language Learner/Bilingual This chapter identifies language assessments for English Language Learners and Bilingual students. Over the next several years, the United States educational system will see a dramatic increase in culturally and linguistically diverse students from various racial and ethnic minority groups. This chapter is a must read if you have limited knowledge about teaching culturally or linguistically diverse (CLD) students. This past year,