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  • Characteristics Of A Magnet

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    What is a magnet? Magnet is an object that can create magnetic field by itself. It is usually made from iron. It had a pulling force called magnetism. The pulling force is able to pull at certain things like objects made of iron or steel. It can attract or repel other magnetic objects that are not even magnetized and of course other magnets too. Due to the characteristic of a magnet, it can give a great impact to our world. It has many benefits to the industrial field, the transportation in our modern

  • The Magnetic Field Of Magnets

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    Abstract Summary Magnets have a magnetic field surrounding them and these fields is the magnetism force that the magnet poses of an object. On a large scale, the Earth is a magnet which also has a magnetic field. Magnets also has North and South poles which can flip. The amount of magnetic material attracted to the magnet, allows the magnet’s poles to flip. Flipping on the earth’s magnet could cause destruction on the earth. The magnetic field protects earth from solar radiation. Purpose of the

  • The Physics Of Bar Magnets

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    1. Bar magnet is the simplest form to explain magnetism. Bar magnets are permanent magnets and this means that they have magnetism all the time, it can’t be turned on and it can’t be switched off. They have two poles that include: north-seeking pole (N) and south-seeking pole (S). These poles appear to occur in equal and opposite pair. Magnetic meridian is the vertical plane in which the magnet lies. Magnets are made of materials that can be magnetized, which are also the ones that can be attracted

  • Residual And Of Permanent Lifting Magnets

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    Residual Magnetism in Permanent Lifting Magnets I Introduction In response to a safety incident which occurred at the Campina plant on January 9, 2015 as a result of residual magnetism, research on the issue of remanence in lifting magnets was necessary. By sharing this study on residual magnetism, we will bring understanding of and awareness to the risks involved with lifting magnets, so that they can be mitigated and further injury prevented throughout the company. II Background An operator

  • The Benefits of Magnet Schools Essay

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    Advantages of magnet schools Why would students want to attend a magnet school? The reason may be because magnet schools offer a variety of specialized programs that students can choose from. Programs such as visual and performing arts, mathematics, sciences, and many others are available for students to choose from. Similar to having a major in college, students at magnet schools have their own specialized area that they can take classes in, in addition to basic academic classes. They are encouraged

  • A) A guitar pickup consists of a permanent magnet (usually with a material core such as ceramic or

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    A) A guitar pickup consists of a permanent magnet (usually with a material core such as ceramic or alnico) which is wrapped by a tight copper coil of many turns (several thousands). The pickups are mounted onto the body of the guitar below the strings which make contact. B) Pickups convert the mechanical energy of the vibrating strings into electrical energy through electromagnetic induction. The permanent magnet of the pickup creates a steady magnetic field that changes as the strings vibrate. The

  • Investigatory Project: Gauss Rifle

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    This step is represented by the magnet and ball bearings on the right side of the figure.) | | | | 3. Now wrap a piece of tape around the magnet so that the ends of the tape are slightly wrapped around

  • Essay about Concepts, Theories and Unknowns Aspects of Magnetism

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    easily understood, but none the less intriguing. Magnets have intrigued people for a long time; they were discovered long ago. Certain rocks and ores of iron called lodestones were found. These lodestones which were naturally magnetic rocks made of the mineral magnetite, were so mysterious to

  • Magnet Status

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    attention foremost is the ANCC’s magnet status. According the ANCC’s website, “Magnet Recognition is an organizational credential awarded to exceptional health care organizations that meet ANCC standards for quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice” (Magnet Model, 2015). Receiving Magnet recognition is not an easy task seeing as only 82 hospitals are recognized. The “magnet model”, a guideline for achieving status as a magnet hospital, includes the components

  • Science Math And Science Standards

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    Makes a Magnet? by Franklyn M. Branley. After the read aloud, students were dismissed for centers and groups of five students circulated through completing the lesson activity. For this lesson, the objective and sub-objectives were as follows: • After completing this lesson, students will be able to sort magnetic and nonmagnetic objects by using a magnet with 100% accuracy. o Students will define the following vocabulary words: magnet, magnetic, nonmagnetic o Students will be able to use a magnet to find