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  • Police And Police Brutality

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    questioning if they will ever be safe in the streets again. Not everyone in the world is a criminal, but it only takes one person to ruin and blame the whole race. Police brutality is an everyday case and there has yet nothing to be done to help reduce nor stop the violence. Often people critic the duty and the responsibilities that a police officer has in this county. Their duty is far from just eating donuts and drinking coffee. The first thing someone does when they feel like their life or someone’s

  • Police Brutality And The Police

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    Police brutality is seen as a real problem in America today. What people do not seem to realize is that the police carry a massive burden each day. The work that officers do has the potential to be very demanding and sometimes involves dangerous situations. In these situations the officers are in the position where they may be required to use force to gain control. The continuum of force dictates the level that is most appropriate for the situation. Most people do not realize that is not the officers

  • Police And Police Corruption

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    easy to expose or prove (Pepys, 2003). Police corruption are actions that exploit their powers as low enforcement officers (Williams & Arrigo, 2012). Police corruption can and has caused much of the public to lose confidence in law enforcement. When police are corrupt, it impacts society more than corruption of other government agencies because of their role as the gatekeeper of the justice system and authority (Lee, Lim, Moore, & Kim, 2013). Police have a wide range of discretionary powers that

  • Police Brutality And The Police

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    recent shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and the resulting riots, the aggressive actions taken by police units has been pulled back into the spotlight, and law enforcement’s right to use force has been drawn into deep debate. People are angry and cannot seem to understand why the police use force when and where they do. The have come to equate the use of force with police brutality when in reality it is a system of steps that are designed to protect innocent bystanders from potentially

  • Police Brutality And The Police As An Institution, And Police Culture

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    considerably over the past few years as cases of police brutality and corruption have surfaced in the media and in the courtroom. Commentators agree that three issues have shaped the role of ethics in policing: styles of policing, the police as an institution, and police culture. Banks, C. (2013). Criminal justice ethics: Theory and practice. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications. One of the few things that is really dividing the country is the attitude towards the police due to the killings of African Americans

  • Police

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    Becoming a Police Officer Keisha Elliott CJA/214 May/114/2012 Jeremy Leach Elliott Becoming a Police Officer The act of communicating is a universal practice shared and used by all human beings. It is so universal that it holds true to many different definitions of its meaning. The act could be defined as the expelling of thoughts into words to transmit information to another person. Communication exists between two or more individuals to share information, ideas, thoughts or

  • Police Use Of Force : Police Use Of The Police

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    Police have many roles to take on an everyday basis. The main goal for an officer is to keep criminals off the streets and to try and maintain a safe environment for people to live. Many people disagree with some of the decisions officers make to enforce these rules and causes a lot of controversy. Today many people don't respect our police officers because of actions made by others. A major issue today is police use of force, stop and frisk. According to (nyclu.org), “innocent New Yorkers have

  • Police Forces And The Police Force

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    Baltimore police force is provided with more resources than a small town police force. The wire showed how provided the Baltimore police was. In the wire it showed how the media turned the murder case into a drug case. When the media got involved the police chief made a new drug task force to fix the problem. This drug task force was made of people in different departments of the Baltimore police. It shows how the Baltimore police force can spared people for a new program. When this drug force started

  • Relationship Between Police And Police

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    Alannis J. Bremer Dr. Robyn McGee English 102 2 November 2017 Police Relations in Black America Numerous unjust losses covered by the media over recent years that involved African Americans and police officers are continuously dwelling in the minds of many today. All of these incidents involved excessive force by officers and many involved racial profiling as well. Following these incidents, many American’s have vocalized their loss of trust with law enforcement officials through protest marches

  • Police Brutality And The Police Officer

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    August 9, 2014, Unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown’s life was taken by police officers. He was shot 7 times, the last shot to the back of his head is what took this young man’s life. He was a young unarmed black male. Just in 2014 over 1,000 people were killed at the hands of police officers. However, even though police say they are just doing their job, police should not be able to abuse their power, because more cases of police brutality are being captured on cell phones and innocent people are being